Hi Everybody,


Its been a while since l posted, although l do check in every week to see what is happening and l have to say..... the forum ain't like it use to be! probably more lookers now than contributors, such a shame.... l remember the good aol days! and the alt.fan days..... they were fun....! getting off my soap box now......and really just thinking aloud!


Best wishes

Carol (London)

you know .... the one that use to do the Bolton On-line Updates! (they were the days!)


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Ok see maybe we didn't know that Catherine. No one was ignoring you on purpose. Alot of posts and threads get put on here. I don't always get to read every post sometimes myself. We all agreed that the ideas were good one..No need to feel like a frequent flier, we are all members here and sharing in things..I post and don't always get replies either, post about concerts and lots of people don't reply..Doesn't mean they didn't read it..it happens to all of us...:)


Thanks for posting!!!

Robin in MD :)

There needs to be a 'like' button on here like on FB. My idea was shared by others and I have others in the pipeline that may surface I just need to think about them first.

LOL you know I've wanted that too Catherine. I am used to clicking Like over there and have gone to do it here by mistake..LOL You are right on that!

Robin in MD :)

Can I come in with just a little bit of "tuppence worth" for I feel Catherine and Robin MD that the difference that came in on the thread was that Catherine was talking about Michael's birthday this year and every year following whereas suddenly what happened was it was his 60th birthday that was getting talked about for next year and that was how Juliet came in but on that particular birthday only, his 60th !!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


My idea applied to any birthday. I just feel the money could be better spent and people started posting they had missed the deadline so now they would buy a bigger, more expensive card for next year! Why not donate that money this year and then post on the calendar wall that instead of a card, because the deadline was missed, the money went to a worthy cause instead of a doormat?

This thread is now of topic which I think was Carol's original point! Sorry, didn't mean to hijack it :(

Catherine, I for one did not see the post you did about the birthday donation and I'm sorry because I feel it is a good one no matter who made it.  Maybe when you post something that is a NEW idea you might want to make it a NEW thread in that topic so it stands out.  I was going through that thread quickly looking for requests for sending the cards and others may not have seen it either.  I'm sorry it was overlooked at the time of your posting.  It is noted and I found your previous posts and when I discuss this with Andrena about it for next year it will be mentioned.  Thanks again, Gail

Hi Everybody,


Didn't mean to upset anyone, it was just my opinion. I don't come onto the forum that much now as previously mentioned but when l do most of the discussions that l have seen were mostly from Sylvia so l assumed without asking that Sylvia was very much running the forum, haven't seen any from Gail for a long time.

Don't was anyone being offended by what l said, l also hope more people take part in the forums because that it was it lacks, years ago the majority contributed but l guess that isn't the case anymore.


Best wishes

Carol (London)

I believe our posts have overlapped as I have just come across this one you have put in Carol whilst looking through my e-mail notifcations after having put my own in and I still fail to see completely how my starting up threads would lead you to believe that I am moderator of this forum and not Gail.....Jennifer started a thread on Birthday Cards to Michael did that make you automatically think that Jennifer was moderator of the forum ???    Christin has started various threads in recent days has she suddenly become moderator ???   Surely the starting of threads is a facility which we all can partake of and in no way indicates anything whatsoever to do with who is moderator ???


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


WOW......different perceptions for sure!!! Are you all ready for another one??? lol I LOVE Michael Bolton's OFFICIAL site which he sanctions and approves. I am certain there are Michael's people behind the scenes who are more than competent and are excited to have such a wonderful FAN site. I won't be redundant about all the ancient forums we have participated in but the fact of the matter is that this forum is the current forum that Michael has attached his name to. It is important that all new fans know that Michael SUPPORTS this forum. As a super fan of Michael's I will follow his lead and continue to contribute to HIS OFFICIAL site. I for one want to take this opportunity to THANK Gail for all she does for this forum which involves a lot of behind the scenes activity. Gail gives every fan the space to enjoy themselves in all things Michael and type their words in any manner!!! I appreciate that freedom and we all have a choice as to what words we type :) I find the forum delightful and full of fun. If I find myself in a situation that I feel can be improved upon then I get straight to work and do my best to improve the situation. There is always something more to do so I try my best to do it myself. Hard work is a reward in itself and with time you will have  contributed positively to make an improvement. Soooo I will continue to help Michael's OFFICIAL site be a knock out fan site where all contribute regardless of what exact words are typed or who typed them. Intention is the impetus of all acts and with positive intention all activities will improve everyone who participates! As a side note I like the MBC birthday donation for Michael's 60th IF it is handled via Andrena who is Michael's charity guru :) I prefer to work with the professionals when my hard earned money is involved!! Michael surrounds himself with very competent and trusted individuals whom he has KNOWN for a very long time and Gail and Andrena are two of those people!! I would never doubt their intentions nor Michael's choice. Of course all the above is just my perception.....lol

Forever a LOYAL Michael fan with only positive intentions for ALL THINGS MICHAEL!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

You are wrong Jennifer and I accept your apology. I will repeat what I said once again. I am more than ready to support MBC for a 60th birthday "gift" for Michael. I will ONLY send my hard earned money to incorporated companies and companies that have a proven history with Michael. That is MY choice and I meant what I said. If you or anyone read more into it that is on you. I believe in MBC 100% and that is MY choice. You do what you want and I will do the same. I in no way will tell others what to do nor will they tell me what to do. Good luck with your charity work and I will continue to support MBC directly like thousands and thousands of other great fans! 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

No problem Jennifer...It is simply just my choice of what type of charity I support. Nothing more and nothing less. I would like to clarify that I don't know what others "feel" but I am CERTAIN of my feelings and what I mean about my posts :)  

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Hi Carol

I just want to say WOW :)

I have felt there has been a change here too that is true I don't post as often because I have been busy in just life itself I guess.

I personnely feel Facebook has hi-jacked us and I am not a great Facebook lover to be honest and because of the time difference i miss alot.

I dont check every e-mail from here so Catherine sorry must have missed the thread and have had a look and it appears I have missed quite a few, didn't even see the one on Whitney til I went looking , I dont remember seeing any of the emails so I have to check my settings I think because there is a few I have missed.

As for Gail I know she is our moderator and she still does a great job and i feel she doesnt have to post as much because there hasnt been been much acttion on here.

At the moment Michael is having a break so it always goes quite when that happens.

Carol I remember the Bolton on line updates I lived for them they were just wonderful, I remember Delphi forum and every forum after that I have continued to enjoy and love.

I check in here every morning but like I said I better check my settings because I have missed a few threads that I know I would have liked to comment in but just didnt get for some reason.


Love Dianna xxx

who wishes we still had on-line updates :)



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