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LOL Janniche doe you really know how many pictures your having lol .....
I have NOOOOOO idea lol..lots some there they are at many places lol Oh and some staffmember labels what they had on there clothes I became 2 when Michael was in amsterdam 1.5 year ago....
Still one is for Olivia and have to send it to her...
lots of love and keep on counting Janniche lollol lollol Jacqueline xxx
Hello Janniche, Congratulations for your new pc I'm so curious to see your photos of Michael ! When you'll be ready, please, send me a message ! Thank's a lot ! Have a good day ! BD
There really are some good ones there page 10 it shows a date 19th June 2010 Michael Bolton at Caesars Palace Garden Of The Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV at los Vegas in concert!
Hair needs a cut getting a bit long lol
Thanks Janniche
Love Dianna xxx
Thanks Dianna, Just found them..He's back in the STATES!! Yippee!!!
Yeah, looks like it's time for a haircut! Just my opinion!!LOL
Robin :)
Dearest Janniche lol lol ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooood ...
How can you pic your favorite lol...
Aldo I love the shorter hair lol...Ice is on the way lol

Lots of love Jacqueline and have a great week xxxxxxxxxxx
Hello Janniche Wonderful Thank You very much ! One question : how can you have a lot of photos so intim ? I'm not eable to have nice moments with him like theses ! Thank"s again... BD
Thanks, These I'd never seen before!!! Cute indeed!!! :)
Robin :)
love all of is everyone getting these is it via internet . They look like there personally taken. wow! l love them. thanks

this is my fav pic of him, his music keeps me going through my illness.
Hello LisaJaine i'm jalous..... You have also nice photos of Michael in your eyes and in your heart, and, of course, in your pc but me, i prefer having His voice and his smile in my mind... It's a joke I want all of Michael Could you understand this ? I want all of Michael want all of Michael !!!! Bye BD
omg how did you get this? I love it !
Wahou..... I can burn my eyes ! Ola - stop - I'm in danger of emotions wave... So hot ! Thank's ! Bye BD


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