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Hi Diane....the Bah Bah Bah record is Michael's first 45 rpm record that he made at the age of 15 :)  I can't recall the name of the movie at all but I believe it was never picked up and I am not even sure if it made it to dvd. I am guessing here...but I don't think it was finished. Maybe someone else knows the details? The actor was very excited about the project and wanted us fans to spread the word. I know Michael is very interested in acting and so hopefully it will happen one day. Oh...and yes....I believe it was because of this movie that Michael cut his hair!!! Funny how I am just now remembering flashbacks of conversations I had with the people at the party!!! I can see the actor's face as I recall this adventure (no one famous) but can't think of a name at all!!! :/ Hopefully someone else who was at the party might be lurking about and can add some more details. There were some other major fans present also :) Great times!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thanks for all those links Joy...have seen a couple you mention but not them all so will definitely watch !!! :)

Hey Kathy, maybe another reason to try and coax Michael into this forum and now, into this thread, to tell us all about that movie !!! lol. !!! lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for all the info!  Oh, how I'd love to hear Bah Bah Bah (what a title!).  I'm assuming Michael's voice at 15 was not what it is today.  I'm so glad that movie opportunity came along for Michael and he cut his hair.  (Just my own personal taste!)  Thanks, Kathy!  Sounds like a great time and if it was 2002 when Michael got his star then that's been ten years this August.  Nice to bring back all those memories!  :)


I can't believe 10 years have passed!!!!! Amazing!!! All the memories just tend to gather their own momentum and appear as a bundle of memories that just happened yesterday!! Oh sooooo grateful for each and every one of them!! That is why all of us fans look forward to our next years Bolton Adventures each and every year and that is year after year after year!!!! I LOVE  this wonderful hobby...LOL  THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!

I actually have not played the record!! Don't want to harm it in any way. I know many other fans also have a copy so maybe they have listened to theirs? Any info ladies?

Let's don't take the hair route..LOL I LOVED Michael's long  But I have adjusted to his short hair as it is Michael's choice so of course I would support him :) 

This forum is GREAT because many many fans have such great stories to share. And of course the more who share then the more there is for ALL to enjoy :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Yes I have a signed copy here too Kathy.. Mine is in a frame, not played either!!! :)


My friends have copies too, The BB's around the world grabbed those up didn't we!!LOL

Robin in MD:)

Kathy, I have two copies of 'Bah Bah Bah' and Michael signed both of them a couple of years ago for me so, atleast we know that there are still a few copies flying around the world somewhere.

Diane, I have Bah Bah Bah and the 'B' side 'It's for you' in my music list on my blog page here. Tracks numbers 1 & 2.  Feel free to have a listen to them there Diane. Not sure if we need to be friends for you to hear them though so I'll send you a friend request just incase. 

Here's a link. See if that works.


Thanks Robin and Jennifer! I knew you fans would come through with more info. Bob has been after me to frame my signed 45 as well Robin. Add that to my list. I shall go check the flip side songs on the 45's. I need to go through my boxes and see if I can find some info about that movie the actor was telling me about involving Michael :/  I bet I find all my online updates as well!!!!! Soooo much

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Jennifer - Wow!  I really can't thank you enough for sharing BBB and IFY with me.  I sat here with a huge smile on my face listening to them several times.  I could picture Michael singing them at 15 years old!  Amazing!!!  Thank you!


Now I also sit here beginning to question my "fanship" (not a word, but seemed right at the time!).  You ladies continue to impress me with your "fanship"!  If my math is right Michael was 15 in 1968.  I knew he had a recording contract at an early age, because he has mentioned that in concerts.  I had no idea anything at all otherwise of BBB and IFY.  I can't say that I was following Michael in 1968.  (Shame on me, I know!  LOL!)  My follow-up question to Kathy, Robin, and Jennifer now has to be... did you acquire the 45s sometime later in following Michael or were they yours as a young fan of Michael's?  I hope I'm not offending anyone.  I'm just so impressed with all the knowledge you ladies have.  You're amazing!  It is so great for each of you that Michael has signed your copies.  Wow!  It must be a thrill for him to see the 45s appear again.  You are true, true fans!

Thank you for sharing wonderful music, information, and memories...


No problem Diane....we always find time to talk about Michael :) I found both of mine browsing through boxes and boxes of old records in "antique" record shops. The odds are sooooo great to find one and that is part of the fun of finding one. I bought mine after I became a fan and learned all about Michael's musical history. I have a certain feeling that YOU will be sharing a Michael story here some day soon!!! We ALL started right where you are and this hobby is LOADS of fun and you meet lots of great fans here on Michael's official site. Wait until the latest concert reviews start coming in on the Concert Tour Thread!!! will read stories from true blue Michael fans and enjoy their delightful stories full of admiration and excitement and love for Michael Bolton!!!! Dianna in Australia is the first fan up next for a Michael concert and we can't wait for her review. I believe she is going to at least 2 concerts in Australia. So get ready Diane and ENJOY!!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hey Diane, not offended here at all. Bought my copy years back from another fan. Some of us got them from GEMMS, a website online years ago and at auctions  the fans held too I think there were some copies around. Ebay had them at times too. I got mine maybe 10 or so years ago...

They pop up here and there over time!  It's a great thing to take and get signed. MB loves seeing them..and there was a thing one year with the fan reception where he kept a copy I think as HE didn't have one.  Gail I think would know the whole story.  At the time we thought it was cool he kept a copy that had been donated.  I may not have that quite right..


Robin in MD :)

I got my copy of Bah, Bah, Bah from eBay after a heads up from Sylvie that she had seen it advertised and mine is in a double sleeve and is a Radio Station Copy and it has written on it the date 11.14.69 in red pen and probably is the date the radio station received it (there is no date of production on my copy)  but Diane a thing which I think also makes this record pretty unique, which the other girls haven't mentioned yet, is that it has printed on it as the composer "M Bolotkin" the "mistaKe"......I would love to know when Michael became aware of that error ?? :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Diane,

when MB promoted the "Soul provider"-album he was interviewed by Jay Leno. After an amazing live perfomance of "How am I supposed to live without you",  Jay Leno and MB talked about "Bah Bah Bah" -  enjoy the funny conversation LOL (and don't miss another great live perfomance of DOTB)

Greetings from Germany


Michael Bolton on Jay Part 1

Michael Bolton on Jay Part 2


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