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Hi, Kellie!

Perhaps, it was Starburst :)))

Michael looks so juicy...

Yes Olga,

50 Shades of Juicy!

I am really loving the new ties he has been sporting lately.



Again....fantatic pictures. Thank you for sharing.  I am selfish, please keep them coming,  Again...THANKS



Nice to see that one again Linda and thanks and for those that haven't seen it before it was taken in Bali when Michael was on tour in the area on 28th December, 2010.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for these great photos, ladies. Hugs,

Kathy T. :-)

I love seeing him happy!  He just warms the cockles of my heart with his smile!  Ah, and then there's the music...Once upon a time I spent an entire day playing every one of his albums, in chronological order.  That was a truly emotional experience.  I highly recommend it for any Bolton Buddy - but keep a box of tissues handy.  You can't help but tear up - he is just such an amazing man!  I truly wonder how many people realize just how talented, sweet, gentle, loving, caring, handsome, amazing - absolutely puckish he is!  "To know him is to love him!"

Hi Linda,

Have done tha a few times and makes for a great day.  Mine weren't in chronological order, but still a nice way to spend the day.  Was home alone and could turn up the volume. (I did)



Take care,



Okay - who hacked all those gorgeous pictures of Michael Bolton?!  Who would DARE to do such a thing and deprive the Bolton Buddies of a quick fix for their Boltonitis? Hmmmmm....cyber sleaze, internet interlopers, some jealous zealot perhaps???  Hmmmm...Where's Sherlock Holmes when we need him - okay Robert Downey Jr. will do  LOL - here you go - Shirtless Sherlock to the rescue!  (He's pondering the possiibilities)

Thanks for the links Pilar and Gail has posted article in The Soul Of It All thread.   I have just got back in from going and getting my copy of The Independent and below is a picture of the front cover of the supplement magazine that comes with it showing, as you can see, Michael and to say too that there is a little circular picture of him on the front cover of the actual newspaper just below the "The Independent" name and the caption beside it is "Feel My Bicep" !! lol



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Love the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!



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