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As haven't been on here for ages and as have found some old photos of Michael which are, to say the least, pretty good thought would get this thread going again seeing everywhere else is quiet for the moment. 

These ones were taken at a photo shoot on 1st January, 1992.

Next one is from 1st June, 1988.

and this one is from 24th August, 1990.

Have picked up some others but think that will do for right now and am pretty sure none of above have been posted here before.  On others I have I want to check if they have been posted, or not, before I put them up but must say I don't think they have been for I can't remember seeing so will post soon, promise !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



great thanks for wonderful photos

with love Marie

Hi Sylvia,
thank you so much that you have to bring this thread back to life. The photos are just beautiful. I like the expression on the second photo.

I'm already looking forward to the next.

Best regards from Berlin


Here are some more old photos and in fact I have to thank Petra as because of a link she put in somewhere in this jungle it gave me another source to look at for pics and I was delighted to find all of these as I love old photos and love to share them.....enjoy !!! :)

These ones are from SNL show 1st April, 1991..........

Believe middle one is already on here, or at least, one from the SNL show but thought no harm in seeing again and hope you agree ???? :)

Here are some great tennis ones .........

As you can see these are Getty Images and have had on file for a little while but thought would share as I did see some out on FB a few days ago and realized these ones not out on here although I have posted others from the same time previously.  Last one shows from left to right, Chrissy Evert, MB, Nicolette and Jim Courier.   Have others from that same day but have chosen not to show....some pictures are better left in the past because their moments are from there.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for all the old photos, Sylvia! I appreciate every single one!

But everyone here knows Petra like Michael much better with short hair! ;)

Nevertheless, all the fans of long hair much pleasure while enjoying !!

Petra (Germany)

I was there for these inside tennis ones in 1994. MB charity event. Called Michael Bolton Foundation back then.We had a blast sitting courtside. Great memories.

Where did the years go?? LOL

Robin in MD :)


   amazing collection photos

great thanks for posting

with love Marie

Thought would put this photo on here as it is an oldie and it appeared on Twitter and Michael retweeted it and rather than put on Miscellany thread when it isn't on anything current and too we are getting stuck into the Dream Job  so don't want to "butt" in on that right  now.  Photo is of Michael, Cher and Al Roker.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Wow this is a super photo! I don,t think I,ve seen this one before Sylvia. Dosen,t Michael look adorable in this one, love the hair and that face! This must have been late 80s or early 90s. Thanks for putting this on for us.

Sandra UK


Thanks, love this one! MB, hot, with the long hair, Cher-ha looks the same now!

Al Roker young & skinny! Great photo!

Joy ;)


Just saw a photo on whosay, but don't know how to bring it here. It says last night in studio. Not sure which night or if already posted. Hope someone can fetch it over.



It was a tweet Michael sent yesterday Kellie and I have put it in Miscellany thread (we generally take tweets and photos he sends there) and then Gail will produce a blog post, on the main page, from Michael's tweet.  Thanks for spotting and for thinking about bringing over to share with us all....thanks !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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