For now some great pictures from Michael from last year and after the 10th off june the one once....can't wait..

I had lucky me a great seat that was infront of Michael the nearest place lucky me.And the 10th off june I have again a place on the 1th raw...

lots of love Jacqueline

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Wehaaaaaay!!! More lovely photographs Jac!!!!

I need two buckets of ice now!!! Good job I bought my own ice machine isnt it?? Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XXXX

This one is olso specially made for me lol and my ice ice...

lots of love to my very dearest friend Jen.xxxxxxxx
Thanks Jacqueline for some more pictures
Love Dianna xx
Have some more under "more pictures"...don't know why they are on 2 diverent places lol but they are lol...
And your more than welcome Dianna...they otheronce are better.

lots of love Jacqueline


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