So sad your Mom is having a hard time, hopefully everything is going to be allright soon



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Here's hoping your mum will be well soon
thinking of you and sending well wishes to your mum
Hugs Dianna xxx
Gail ,so sorry to hear this ,our prayers are with your mom and hope she feels better.xx
Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your mom Gail...
I know I've already sent you my greetings and well wishes Gail, but I just wanted to say that your darling Mum is still firmly in my prayer box for daily prayers and warm positive vibes.

Look after yourself too Gail, you are special to us and need to keep your strength levels up.

Your Mum is a very special and very lucky lady to have you as her daughter.

God bless you both,

Love Jennifer XXXX
Nice idea Edith!!! I continue to pray for Gail's mom too. She's had a rough few weeks but hopefully now is moving in the right direction. Gail-you guys are in my prayers!!!!!!

Robin :)
gail my thoughts are with you and your mom at this time i hope she recovers very soon xx
My prayers are with you and your mom! Take care of yourself also. Thinking of you and your family and sending good wishes.


Thanks Edith,
for starting this thread for Gail.
As we all know, for many years, Our Gail is so very special to Michael.
She means a lot to all of us too. Her Mother is probably the most important to her right now. So: as she needs to be by her side, lets all, try to be understanding if Gail can't answer our questions, or be on this board as much as she would like to be right now. What we can and should do, is offer Gail our support. I'm positive that Michael would want for all of us to this.
Jenn you are so wonderful at making the most special cards, I would be more than happy to recieve one from you anytime. Could you please make one for Gail's Mother from all of us here, That would be lovely if you have the time, I know Jennifer you are very busy with all your charity work, but it would mean so much to her...

Love from Michael's Fans,

Thank you all. I have been checking in but not posting much and I'm sorry for that but the past few weeks have been very busy and full with my mom. She had to have emergency surgery on May 5th and was at my house recooping when she had a setback and we had to call the ambulance to take her back. She has been back another time and now in a skilled nursing facility to get her strength back and recover. She has a bit of dementia so is having problems remembering things she needs to do so we are now faced with ..can she continue to live by herself or do we need to find another solution so it is a bit upsetting but she is doing much better physically now and hopefully will be able to move to the next step soon..whatever that is. I'm spending as much time with her as I can right now as are my sister and brothers just to try to make her feel comfortable and not so confused.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and support.
Oh Gail it really is just so hard isn't it.
Dementia such a terrible thing to go though I should imagine but even harder for the loved ones trying to cope with it.
Bill's mum is unable to take of herself and refuses to even think about a nursing home so she take turns living with the family but honestly Gail it's getting harder and harder to have her.
I'm thinking of you and hoping you can come up with the best solution for all of you.
Sending prayers
Love Dianna xxx
Gail-I truly hope she can improve to be back home and not in assisted living if safely possible. My grandmother has horrible dementia and that's been hard to see as it progresses in a family member along with whatever other physical issues are going on.

Your mom is so lucky to have you and your family with her. I'm keeping you all in my prayers!
Robin :)


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