Michael, please make a Tour next Year in Germany.... :-)

Dresden Semperoper, Berlin Friedrichstadtpalast or Leipzig Gewandhaus is a very good Lokation.

Thank YOU...!

With best wishes

Siegfried Werner (GERMANY)

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Hallo Siegfried and welcome to the forum. I’m really glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed Michael’s concerts in Germany so much! We have a discussion thread where fans have posted comments on where we would like to have Michael next, maybe you’d like to join us and talk to other fans? This is the link:

Tour dates wish list


Also, there is another thread where other German  fans have posted their “thank yous” for the concerts in Germany.  Here it is:


We’ve heard that Michael is supposed to go back to Europe in 2012 but we have no confirmed dates yet. Take care and good luck! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

We need him back in the UK first please!! Ha Ha!!


He hasnt been here since last year and so it looks like we wont be seeing him until next year now!! Sad, sad, sad!!


I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.....I need my Michael fix..soon please!! Ha Ha!!


If only we could clone him then we'd could all have him all year round and one clone could even go home to get some well earned rest as well...result!!


Come on Jaana, havent you finished working with that bottle that I 'borrowed' for you from the RAH 2010..your  Michael clone should be nearly grown by now!! Ha ha Ha!!








Okay he come at first to UK.... and than to Germany!!!

I fly to the London Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Good wishes to UK


Adding shows in the East Coast of the USA too!!!!  Not many in 2011 and one in my state was canceled due to venue problems (not MB)...

Robin in MD USA :)

I agree, Robin!! We need more here in the northeast!  I

Eileen from Upstate NY!!

I also agree, bring Michael back to NY!!!   I haven't been Boltoned yet.....LOL!!!!  :)



Hi and welcome Siegfried

LOL! Australia STAT we need him here to make my day :)

Love Dianna  xxx

Hi Werner

ok, UK and  after German concerts  Michael has to know that there's a small country called SWITZERLAND with lots of beautiful lakes!


viele Grüsse


Ok...while you wait for German tours we have some TV appearances coming soon.  Thanks to one of our German fans bringing this to my attention!!

I've checked out the sites and put the links here in case there is a live broadcast or videos later. (also sorry if posted already!!)  Gail


11/12.2011         ZDF Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel (Duett mit Helene Fischer) 8:15p.m  http://carmennebel.zdf.de/ZDFde/inhalt/28/0,1872,2095292_idDispatch...

11/14/2011         ZDF Volle Kanne 9:05 a.m http://vollekanne.zdf.de/ZDFde/inhalt/28/0,1872,1020540,00.html?dr=1

12/17/2011         ZDF Ein Herz für Kinder 8:15 p.m  http://wettendass.zdf.de/ZDFde/inhalt/27/0,1872,1001627,00.html?dr=1

12/22/2011         ARD Helene Fischers Weihnachtssendung  (Helene Fischer's Christmas Show)(Duett mit Helene Fischer) 8:15pm 

Danke, thanks Gail for the information :)


Silvy from Switzerland XX

Thanks Gail, sounds fabulous!!!!!

Dear Gail, thanks for this good information.

I must see TV...

Siegfried from Germany


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