Only 16 sleeps until Michael performs at the Hampton Court Festival on 17th June 2010.


Soo looking forward to it and I know quite a few others are too.


Fingers crossed for a lovely warm summers evening :)


But I'm sure we will all be feeling quite warm no matter what the weather!


Love Deb xx


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Hmmm... I tried to make an album today!! Last time it was easy, but now they have changed the way to do i COULDNT!! Sorry, now I need to have some help from my friends and don't know when they are going to have time to come over. So I but couple here, that I can managed to do! Firts there is a pic of the Hotel Carlton Mitre, where a lot of fans stayed....and where Michael has stayed with Nicolette, staff told me a lot of things about their visiting there, lol! Concert was again awesome. I was sitting in the 6th row, middle. I knew Michael is not going to chance his show, he is going to sing in the midlle of the audience, so everytime he had left from the stage I kept looking back..from where he is going to get to the audience (so did the lady next to me after I told her that Michael is going to sing there!) And when he at last did it, I made my way next to the stage, said excuse me to everyone who were sitting there on my way. So I get the best place nearest to the stage, Helen and Jenn were on the left side of me and Jody with Clare on the right side. AND WE HAD SO MUCH FUN, SPECIALLY WITH HELEN, we were dancing and singing loudly. I cant descripe how happy I was (but everyone who knows me, knows that, lol!) Clare cave a beautiful bucket of flovers to Michael, you can see those in some of the picks. And then...'my dahlin' ...Michael saw 'my flag', looked a bit surprised, but kindly took it from me...looked in to my eyes...and said...'HELLO!' MEEEE!! I thought, now I'm gonna die....HE recocnised, remembered 'that flag' and me, LOL! When he game back to the stage with guitar I screamed to Jenn *Rock me baby*...and then he played and sing it! Oh, how I love his voice and the songs...nobody remembered the set list afterwards!! I also have 1 (2 actually)video, but it's too 'big' to put in here, so another friend of mine need to fix it first, but one day you are going to see those too, lol! Anyway, you can believe I'm still in 'heaven'....after he said, 'Hello!' MEEE :D Hugs to everybody Jaana xxx

Looks and sounds like you had a great time, cant wait till you upload the videos! oz.x
Hi Ozlem! I really enjoyed, already planning my next 'trip', lol!
the next in London is at the Royal Albert Hall in November, are you planning any other before?? I cant wait till November, I have a great seat!!! oz.x
It will be lovely to meet with you all, all like minded MB fans! Thank you this means alot especially since I am coming alone!! my best friend couldn't make it but I still got a ticket, I already missed Hampton Court was not going to miss RAH too!!! oz.x
Jaana I can tell you had a great time
Thanks so much for sharing with us
It's hard to come down from that cloud
Good to hear from you
Love Dianna xxx
Sorry for the delay in saying THANKS sooo much for all the review, words,'s been like being there with you guys!!!! Was a lovely night and you all are great!! Thanks!!!!!
I say the same, Thanks a lot for sharing all !!!
Take care
Lol Jaana, what an enthusiastic review! Lol We’d think you’ve just come out of the concert hall! I’m so glad Michael recognized you! And so glad Jen got to hear her “Rock me baby”! Jaana, we can feel in your words how excited you still are and sounds like it was truly a magical night, thank you so much for sharing! Take care, Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Great pics Janna and sounds like you had such a GREAT time!! It is so cool when he looks at you and say hello or thanks!! Those beautiful eyes and pearly whites!!! I am sure Nov will be here before you know it
Boy, oh boy, you just got to love a live version of RMB!!!!!


Love Jennifer XXXXXX


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