I know your birthday is tommorrow hun and I want to be one of the first to wish you a Happy Birthday.Have a wonderful time my old friend! Miss you as always...Glad you had fun in Niagra Falls. I was there in 93 and loved Marine Land.You remember the summer of 93??????Were  you not there in August???Love the photo's your posting on here for all the fans,Love ya babe.....Your Soul Provider.

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Hi Michael I too would love to wish you a wondeful day full of love and happiness

Love Dianna xxx

happy birthday michael. friendly charlette
Happy birthday Michael and a happy, healthy and successful year ahead.  Linda x

Dearest Michael,


I wish you a happy birthday with all your dear once around you to spend a great day together.

and I wish you lots off more healthy and happy years to come.


lots of love Jacqueline (from Holland) xxx/xoxoxo

of course.I wish you a happy birthday as well.Hope you got my cards.Love    Angelica
have a wonderful day, with all the ones you love! Love and kisses from Italy

Happy Birthday Michael. Hope you have a fabulous day, doing things you enjoy.

Lots of love always

Sandra xxxx

I wanted to let you know that Michael thanks you all for the birthday wishes and he is spending his day doing something he loves...recording!!! Gail

Hi Gail,


Thanks for your message but OMG tell him to get out have a game of golf - he is allowed to do something he REALLY ENJOYS - I think, even more than recording, on his birthday !!!!!!!  LOL.  We will WAIT for the next album  !!!!!   lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



Hi Gail,

I disagree with Sylvia (lol),

Recording is his birthday present for us!!

I absolutely appreciate his choice (lol)

Thank you so much for your message.


Thanks so much Gail!! Glad to hear he's doing something he loves on his birthday. Maybe he's recording the new album he told me he was working hard on to get out in May? We can only hope. His recording is a gift to us all, how true...Hopefully he will get a break or two and have some relaxing fun too today!!!


Robin in Maryland :)


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