Have any of you seen these before?  Michael Bolton 'Timeless The Classics'  Gym shorts.






According to the sellers listing on ebay, these were produced as a kind of joke when Michael faced a hostile press corps  with his tendancy to record cover versions of songs by the greats like Otis Redding, Ray Charles and Percy Sledge  and Bolton suggested that they should kiss a 'certain part of his anatomy' and thus there shorts were produced for the band members and crew only. Michael then further responded by releasing 'Timeless The classics'  in  September 1992 which was made up entirely of cover songs and that went to Number one, sold three Million copies, and featured a Top 40 hit in Boltons version of the 'Bee Gees' 'To love Somebody.


Arent they great??

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Would love these especially if that part of Michael was in them :-)
Ooooh, wouldnt it be wonderful if Michael arrived wearing these??

I've gone faint at the very thought!!!


Strange item to make for band crew members though isnt it?

love Jennifer XX
Ok Jen I am already on the way with lottttttttts of ice if you tell me when he's coming in that little short....
Yes your right that this is a very strange item for the band lol lol .....but we don't mint lol lol

lots of love Jacqueline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you
Doesn't it make you go all hot just thinking about Michael wearing these.
Oh yes, would love to see Michael arrive wearing them.
How many of us would actually faint if he did. lol!! :)

Love Deb xx
hey girls michael could not wear these his bits and bobs would fall out the bottom the shorts are not long enough and you would not want to embarrace him lol but the thought is rather tasty

.....and you know this how Helen???? Hmmmm?? Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
ummm ive been peeking lol
Oh Man I tell you Helen you have made my day I laughed at this so much I had to let the hubby read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Dianna xxx :)
I do miss the smileys though!
I want a pair perferably Michael's Ha Ha Ha
Honesyly I want some
Love Dianna

I've actually bought these and might get him to sign them to auction them for the charity, what do you reckon?

I wonder if he'd pose in them too for a photograph?? Hmmm? Do I dare ask him to do that??

Love Jennifer XXX
hey jen they woulf fetch a fortune for auction if michael was to pose in these lol . but remember the above lol

HMMMMMM ,thinking about Michael posing in these .

Sorry just fainted lol


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