Have Janis & Chris Re-joined Michael's Band?????????????



Found this video of "Hope It's Too Late" on youtube this morning and was surprised (and thrilled!) to see Janis and Chris playing with Michael. I have no idea how old the tape is, but am hoping they have come back to stay! 

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Hya Jackie,


Unfortunately, your link doesnt work, but I would guess that it is probably an old clip from around 2009 as neither Janis nor Chris have re-joined Michael on his tour.


I'm sure that Gail will correct me if I am wrong, but I'm certain that I am not. It would be great though if they were invited back, but I know Janis is very busy on other topics now so she may not have the time to return even for one concert.


I hope this helps.


Love Jennifer XX

Jackie, Neither Janis or Chris are back with Michael.. Unfortunately I don't see that happening any time soon.  I think that was an older clip you must have seen.

Robin in Maryland :)

Hi all, this is the corrected link:


I don’t have the visuals, but it sounds to me like it’s taken from the RAH DVD, of which Chris and Janis were part of Jackie, sorry to disappoint you. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie you are correct it was the taping of the concert at the RAH

just before the new band was put in place

Sorry Jackie but I agree with Robin unlikely to happen

Love Dianna xxx


Thanks for the clip will have to watch the DVD again :)

Jackie, this is a video done in 2009 at RAH...Sylvie is correct.  Gail

 This was awesome to see even if they aren't back with Michael, who looked and sounded amazing!!!!! Speaking of CHRIS, he does have a birthday coming up (May 1) and I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to wish him the best on his special day?? Also, does anyone know what he is doing now? It would be great if he would do another CD!!!! With vocals!!! I can't seem to find a facebook or similar page for Chris. IS there anything like that, does anyone know?

I know someone who has links with Chris, I'll ask him if he knows what he's doing now and will come back if theres any news.


No promises though because this man is notoriously hard to track down being a mobile musician, he doesnt often check his e-mails.


Love Jennifer X

Oh Jennifer, thank you! How nice of you! No worries if you can't find out any info, I appreciate the effort!!

Love, Lori

Hya Lori,

I heard something from one of Michaels band members.


I've posted a seperate thread about this.

Here is the link.



Hope this helps a bit.


Love Jennifer XX

Thanks!  Wow, can you even imagine, guitar lessons from CHRIS?!  I am sure he does have a ton of students...I know I would love to take lessons from him, and boy, would I be a slow learner!!!


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