Some of you have seen mention of Michael's mother on other people's social media.  I wanted to let you know that Helen passed away at home last Sunday surrounded by family and friends.  A private ceremony was held and if Michael feels he wants to make a statement to everyone it will be posted here on the main page as well as his other media sites.  He and his family thank all of you for your sensitivity and understanding.  Gail

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You girls are bringing tears to my eyes talking about these memories. I remember in 2007 a few of us got to go out to eat with Helen & she guided me into the restaurant. I felt so honored. I love her laughter. I found her to be very open minded for someone her age--perhaps even more than I. Like you have pictures, I have some tapes with her voice; (that's my camera). Michael & family, May God be with all of you during these times of sadness & may he give all of you thestrength to carry on. Love, Robin or Boltonnut :(  

Sally, I'm sure they would. The best place to send them at this time would be the MBC address.  Thanks!

Wonderful lady/family/life ♡ Rest peacefully.x. 






Michael and Family, sending my sincere, deepest sympathy and prayers. Even though I hadn't met your beloved Mom and after reading your book my heart breaks for your loss . You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Anna G.
Sorry to hear about you mother passing prayers and thought for you and your family.she is a star in heaven so lol up she be shining back and smiling at you.

Sorry to hear this new. I'm in thought, with you, the whole family and friends. Rest in peace Mrs Helen .

Michael so very sorry to hear about the passing of your Mother. Had the pleasure of meeting her. She was one of the sweetest ladies 

you would ever want to meet. Will always cherish those moments. My prayers are with you and your family.God bless you all.

I am so sorry to hear of Ms Helen's passing. She was such a wonderful lady I had the pleasure to meet on several occasions over the years.  One of my first memories of meeting  her was at one of the first  MB "This Close" galas in CT, it was like the 2nd one he had and I met her at the auction and had just met Michael for the FIRST time and had my picture taken with him, I was so excited and told her about it, she just laughed at how excited I was and said it was so nice I was such a big fan. We talked for a bit during the evening off and on. The next morning we ran into her at breakfast at the hotel and she invited me and my husband to sit with her as she was waiting for her friend to come in.  I will never forget how sweet of a women she was, seems as though she always had a smile on her face and such a proud mom. Every occasion I ran into her over the years, she would always speak. She will be sorely missed.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael and his entire family.


Hi Gail, thank you for making an official statement and letting us know. Miss Helen was such a darling woman, always thoughtful and so sweet and patient with us fans. I met her a couple of times at the fan reception and she never seemed to mind taking pictures and answering our questions: just like her sons. :D  You know Gail, I’ve often wondered whatever prompted Miss Helen to attend the fan reception... She was the wind behind Michael’s dreamand though I know this is an immeasurable loss for the whole family, they’ve been very fortunate to share her life for so long, may God bless her beautiful soul. Please Gail, would you pass on our most sincere condolences to the entire family? Thanks again sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QcCanada <3

My deepest sympathy to Michael and his family.  The loss of a parent is devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.  You made your mom very proud.

Lots of love and prayers

Caroll, Edmonton, Canada

Michael and family,

I'm very sorry for your loss. 



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