Help with photo's - have loads of photos to share of Michael from Hampton Court!

Hi Everybody,


I need help, l don't mind admitting! I have about 80+ photos of Michael from Last night at Hampton Court, now l kow how to load them up on facebook, but haven't a clue how to do it on here..............HELP!!! you're be glad you did.... they are AWESOME!!! if l say so myself!


Best wishes

Carol (London)


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Hi Carol

go to the GALLERY, then MY PHOTO, then try to follow the instructions, download your photos from your computer to the website.
Silvy XX
Hi Carol all depends really because you have so many would it be best to open a photobucket account and put a link here for us to see them all
If you would like to post them here let me tell you first they have to be GIF, JPG or PNG files in order to work.
jpeg is the best one if you ask me gif files are usually moving pictures and png seem to be fine too :)

The problem I feel is when the photos are taken with a digital camera the files tend to be hugh (and some of the people on the forum are on dial up and it would take forever to see the picture)unless you know how to change the settings on your camera to make the pictures smaller to start with so if I was you I would make a new folder on my computer,make all the pictures a resonable size and either use photo bucket
when you see the Reply to this right here on the forum there is a little picture of a camera press that find your files on your computer and start loading them if you would like to do it that way

There is also a Upload Files where you can browse your computer and put the links to your pictures there

You can only post 3 pictures in one reply it seems though

I hope I have helped Carol
Love Dianna xxx
Thank you for helping me on this! will post them to photobucket, then put the link on here..... thanks everybody x
Looking forward to them Carol
Love Dianna xxx
Here are mine ,not as good as Carols but will do the job.xx
Hi Sharon, You also got some cute photos!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Robin :)
Hi Juliet, I saw yours there, they are good too!! Between all of you, some great photos taken at Hampton Court ladies!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing them!!!
Robin :)
Thanks Juliet will have a look at them
So very pleased you all had a great time
Love Dianna xxx
Thanks Sharon for sharing
You do have some nice ones
I like the ones of all you ladies, looks like a happy crowd there
Love Dianna xxx
Thank you so much to all you who are sharing with us so good pics.
I'm glad for you had good time
Take care


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