Jennifer Rush and Michael 'Same heart'.


I found it this morning when i was looking for a an instrumental that another fan had asked for.




Love Jennifer XX

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I have that one on my computer I love it.
Thanks Jennifer
Love Dianna xxx
This was written during The Hunger years...... A great song.
It's a great song isnt it?

I hadnt actually forgotton about the song itself, just how amazing the song was. I cant stop playing it now!!

Love Jennifer XX
thanks jen it is a good song

ooh I love that song
Thanx again Jennifer
Love Sandra xx
Great song Jennifer. When had it been recorded? Sounds like in 80's... beautiful duet, Bravo Michael !!!
It was recorded in 1987, during The Hunger sessions and released on Jennifer's album Passion.

Rush and MB also wrote Call My Name (Everybody's Crazy), which appeared on her 1987 album Heart Over Mind. There are two other tracks on Passion that Michael wrote called Now That It's Over, which he wrote with Doug James (co-writer of How Am I Supposed To Live Without You) and Love Get Ready with Brian Halligan Jr, who wrote a lot of the stuff with Michael on The Hunger.

I have the original demo of Love Get Ready from these sessions with MB on vocals.



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