hey everyone i am still likeing and enjoying michaels cd only a woman like you there are two songs on the cd i kno so far i kno all the words to the songs onli when i play them they are dance with me and i want to hear you say it those songs are amazing to listen to i still sing to them makes me so happy and excited they help me to think of my bf as well tho he knos i like michael boltons music and have most of his music cds michael you are so amazing keep singing for me i like all your songs your brill too love mags hope to hear from someone soon x

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Hey Mag, OAWLY is probably the most played CD by me. I ordered the UK version because it had the song Eternally but silly me voted in a poll that Dance With Me should be released first lol although its a great song of Michael's. I fell in love with Love Me With Your Eyes Closed, OAWLY,I Wanna Hear You Say It. Well lets just say I Like  the whole CD! The song Eternally has the word power of Love, Michael did a wonderful job of taking those words of love putting them through his voice with powerful feeling making me feel what he is singing. The Eternally song really tugged my heart the first time I heard it becoming really my most favorite of Michael's. I hope you can understand because Michael has plenty of great songs, this is just me expressing my feelings about OAWLY.  Jimmy

Hey Jimmy, glad you took my suggestion! :D OMG I so agree about the song “Eternally”: it’s just gorgeous and the way Michael sings it, it’s just a direct link to your soul… It was on the “OAWLY/As/Eternally” single, so I don’t think they would have released it as a lead single, unfortunately. As we’ve discussed above, it was frustrating to have so many versions of the album and trying to get all the songs. Hey, we all have different favorites for various reasons, that doesn’t mean that any other songs are lesser. Thanks for sharing Jimmy, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hey Jimmy, me again, you haven't mentionned why you thought this album was your favorite though. Do you think it's just the music, the songwriting, the production or all the above? And why do you feel  you like it more than let's say "All that matters"? I'm just curious. Take care Jimmy. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

 Hello Sylvie, The OAWLY CD has so many upbeat love songs I can't even imagine the amount of time I have listen to this one CD of Michael's. Yes the production was great but not sure how much Jive records had to do with it. I know Michael done his part lol as If I remember right he wrote Eternally but could be wrong. I liked the CD All That Matter plus I bought it too. OAWLY stands out because of the great love song Michael sings on the CD that is what I like about Michael's singing his love songs most all. If you have anymore question keep asking me because its hard for me to explain things lol just feelings. Jimmy


Hey Jimmy, well you know, now that you mention it, I never gave it a second thought, but there is only one sadder song per say on there… Now about the production, was the entire CD produced by Mutt Lange? Now remember I can’t read the liner notes… :D Didn’t Richard Marx co-write “Eternally”? I know he wrote a few on OAWLY and he writes gorgeous songs too. Out of curiosity, how many versions of the album or singles did you buy? One of my friends bought the British version, but if I remember correctly, there was one song it didn’t have and that’s why I bought the French version, along with the above mentioned single. You see, I compared it to ATM because it’s a beautifully soulful album, dropping the more edgy sound, which is why I thought you might like OAWLY better. Which reminds me, have you ever heard “When there are no words” which was the bonus track on ATM?  Gorgeous soulful song… Personally, I find value in anything he releases and even love the Bolotin albums: as long as it’s his voice, it’s fine with me! This reminds me of something Michael said once: he said trying to pick your favorite album was like trying to pick your favorite kid, you can’t do it! We love them all (the albums that is) for different reasons and play them at different times for various reasons. I do understand why it’s your favorite though. Well, Jimmy, for a guy, lol you’re doing a very good job at expressing  how you feel: I guess growing up the only boy with 4 sisters, if I remember correctly, might have had something to do with it… :D Take care Jimmy and thanks for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hey Christine, OMG, how can ATM be your least favorite album? I'm just curious. Not that it's my favorite because as I've said, I don't have any favorites, but I've described that album before as  a "warm shower of well-being"! lol I guess we all have different taste. For instance, I was very surprised once to find out Dianna from Australia's least favorite album was OAWLY. It's a matter of taste, but I'm curious why. Travel safe sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi everyone,


It took me quite some time to discover OAWLY, but once I did I couldn't stop playing it! I'm sure you all know that feeling :)


I have the US version, I couldn't find it in the UK, so going by your conversations I can't comment on the whole album.  But this is definitely one of my favourites, especially because of 'I Surrender' - when that comes on I just melt :)   I love the others too but at the moment I'm playing I Surrender!


As for ATM, I wasn't keen on it at first but now, I love nearly every song on it - especially Whenever I Remember Loving You, Let's Make a Long Story, and When There are No Words ... the whole album! 


For me, it's whatever album I'm listening to at the time, including The Hunger, The One Thing, etc.   I know I don't have all the songs available, but the ones I do have .... I couldn't possibly select one that shines out from the rest.    To me, each one is unique in it's own very special way. 


hugs to all,

di (Scotland) xxx

Hi Diane, good to read you here sweetie! Didn’t they play any music from OAWLY on the radio in the U.K. in ’02? Here in Canada, they did play both OAWLY and the French version “Une femme comme toi” but that’s all. I’ve heard that in some States, they had “Dance with me” also. Oh yes, I definitely know that feeling! Lol I just thought it was so gorgeous when I got it and all the  anticipation: the first time I listened, I just cried… Hmm, if you have the U.S. version, it probably means you haven’t heard “Eternally”


you might have “As”


but you probably don’t have “All for love”


Technically, those, aside from the different language versions of OAWLY, were the only songs you could have missed. Dumb question Diane, but how did you come to know about it years later then? Just curious. I agree it’s practically impossible to pick your favorite song of Michael’s but we do have a couple of discussion threads with that topic, if you ever want to check them out, let me know. :D Thank you for sharing Diane, take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie,


I deleted my first reply - it was too long and probably not what you wanted to know.   As for OAWLY being played on UK radio, Jennifer could probably answer that question better than me.  


How I discovered it so many years later ... I was searching for something to do with MB, I noticed the pic that's on the front of the album and didn't recognise it so, after some searching, discovered it on Amazon.com and ordered straightaway! lol


hugs from me,

(di, Scotland) xxx




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