If YOU had the opportunity to spend one day with Michael?

Where would you chose to spend it with Michael?



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Hi Kellie
Honestly in his music studio I have never been in one would love to see one and to watch him do a song!
Don't worry have no interest in singing can't sing a note would love to just listen to him and enjoy it.
I would also enjoy a cuppa coffee and chat.
Go for a walk around his town and get to know him as a person I think he would be a very smart and intelligent man.
I have a feeling we would be good friends, and I mean friends
Love Dianna xxx
Hi Kellie
well, it's a bit difficult:

maybe just for a long walk, then a cup of tea, discuss about music, about the 80's and listen to him singing something "a cappella" just for me!

Silvy from Switzerland
Hi Kellie, for me it would be a combination of both Dianna and Silvy’s responses: a day in the studio, witnessing the creative process, listening to him sing acapella, discussing all kinds of music, his early days and influences, his current interests and musical direction and in the process, get to know him better as a person, simple!  I’m all for the coffee and the walk too, especially since I’d have to hold his arm! Lol I think it would be great also to see his family during that day, see him interact with his mom or his brother for instance… I think it would be very interesting… well there you go Kellie, thanks for starting this fun thread! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi, Kellie
I would love to be in his studio, also to have daring ( of me, of course )
write one song together, asking him his way to write first the lirycs or the music, and other
things about. For me would be really great !!!
Take care
Hi all you great Bolton Fans,
I love reading your replys, and quite frankly, I was surprised to hear that many of you so far, chose to be in his studio, understandingly so, keep your day with him a special one, when it happens!!! After I see more of the fans here post, I will post my own day with Michael! Fair enough?

Cant say where ,but im sure you could guess ,lol. On the beach ,hand in hand .(where did you think ,lol)xx
Hi Kellie, I for one, will be breathlessly waiting for it! How long ago was this? I'd heard through the grapevine that you knew him in the 70's? I'm sure it'll be fascinating... Now, remember to type slowly! lol Looking forward to it. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
I feel dizzy just thinking about it!!!
I think the day just talking to him as a person and getting to know him would be great. In the studio would be a great stop to see his great mind at work writing a song for me!! LOL! And of course, have a nice dinner with him, somewhere quiet and a nice sunset!!
I like the idea of hanging with him in the studio as he creates his magic and just talking about music..That would be fantastic!!!
Ok, I’l try… I’d love to talk with him and know him, really know him as a human being, while we are walking along the beach or by a beautiful lake... What about Garda Lake, in August? ha,ha,ha!!!

I have the same feeling as Diana, I think that we could connect. I guess it’s because through his music I sense a mixture of vulnerability, strength and sensitivity that really touches me.

Love ;)

Well here is my day with Our Man.
Some of you might think I would remenise about the past, or maybe the future, but I would like to only spend today with Michael, as the person he is, and for who I am today...
Over the life's journey's we all grow and learn and change in many directions. But Love is, what it is: throughout time over and over again, You just keep finding yourself falling deeper and more intimantley for the same person, Oh wwelllll, and they never notice. Do you give up? I just let it be, and hope that one day will be better than today!!!
I want to share my life with Michael as a friend. and listen to his own! We both missed out, in ways, but time is to our advantage, hoperully we will spend some of what is left, joined together, as more than just Bonnie and Clyde...



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