The following message will be sent out to all members of this site but I wanted to post it here to make you aware that it is coming.  This offer was given to us by the symphony in Houston for their concert with Michael on September 8th.  If you are interested in tickets, please call and order them as soon as you can because they are letting you order yours before they go on sale to the public on August 1st.  Gail

Special Offer to Members of the Michael Bolton Fan Site

Michael Bolton will be performing with the Houston Symphony, September 8, 2010, at Jones Hall.  We would like to extend an opportunity to his fan site members to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public.  All ticket purchases must be made by phone by calling the Group Sales Department at 713-238-1435 or 713-238-1475.  Ticket prices range from $125 to $25.  We have a limited number of tickets on hold for your group that will be released August 1st to the general public.  Call early to get the best seats!  In addition, anyone who calls by this date will receive a discount of $4.50 per ticket.  Call for details or email  Be sure and mention Michael Bolton Fan Site when you call.   

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Wow Gail, Isn't this nice--the fact that they acknowledged the group here and offered up seats for sale to the forum members!

Good luck to anyone attending!
Robin :)
Thats a fantastic and generous offer and one that will be very well recieved by the fans attending this concert.

Wouldnt it be marvellous if all other venues followed suit.

Thank you for telling us about this. I hope lots of fans are able to use this opportunity and procure the seats they want.

Love Jennifer XXX
I agree Jenn ,would be fab if they followed suit and did this for more venues.xx
Hey Jen, from your keyboard to the powers that be's ears! Makes you wish you were going, doesn't it? Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
This was really nice of them!! It would be great if other venues would do this! Does make e wish I could go!

Love Eileen xoxo
Well that is a beautiful thought thank you to the Symphony in Houston
Gosh I would love to say I would be attending but alas not this year.
To those who do go have a great time and we here at the forum would love to hear all about it
Love Dianna xxx

Thanks Gail for posting this :)

This is awesome! I wish all the venues would do it! I just called about tix to Montgomery, Alabama, and they have season tickets for sale for a month before single tickets go on sale, chances of getting a good seat are slim, but I'm holding out hope :)


ciao SilvyXX
Hello everybody Hello Michael, Thank's for this opportunity.... But it's not for me !!!! My house is in France and I have to care my family in the moment of this concert ! And it's also because it's too cost for my budget.... The price of the ticket + the price of the travel + the price of the hotel.... Thank You Michael and Good luck for all of members who can have this possibility !!!! I love You but my money pocket dislike this !!!! Bye BD
I wished I would have known sooner I would have been there no matter what. But I just heard from my husband and it was 6:00 pm on Sept 8. I would have really been there.



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