Hello All.  I was just hoping some of the more knowledgable amongst us might have some answers to some of my random Michael Bolton questions.

Question 1:
I've read some place that at its peak, Michael had a vocal range of E2-E6.  Can anyone confirm?  Have any examples of songs where he hits these extreams, or if not, which song (studio or live) has his highest and lowest recorded notes?  Anybody know what his current range is? 

Question 2:
Is it true that Michael is deaf in one ear? 

Question 3:
I know Michael was into  Shotokan Karate in his younger days.  Does he still take lessons or practice?  Does he have any belts (if that form even has belts)?


ummm..... I think thats it for the moment :).  Anybody else have  wierd questions?

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Hi Payten,

Can't confirm the range, but I would suggest that the best example of this is when he sang Georgia in the early 90s.....I have a recording from the Time, Love and Tenderness World Tour in '91 and Timeless World Tour in '92 that the notes are unbelievable.

As far as I am aware, he is not deaf in one ear.

Hi Payten

I know there was a rumor many years ago that stated Michael was deaf in the left ear ( I am deaf in the left ear )but Gail told us years ago that it is false Michael's hearing is fine:)

Michael studied shotokan karate for about 10 years in New Haven

All the best
This is correct...Michael is not deaf in on ear. We aren't sure how it got started but once someone posted to their site others started picking it up and reposting. Gail

I am happy to read that he isn't deaf in one ear. Read the article/post a few minutes ago and was wondering. But tahnks for answering the question Payten asked. I was about to ask the same question!

I answered my own question with some digging on question one.....well, at least partially. I found a direct quote from the man himself that states he can hit the F above high C which would put him at F6. That would put him at four octives and one note....if anybody else was interested. I would still love to find examples of which songs he hits his higest and lowest notes.

James, would love to hear that version of Georgia that you speak of. I know during the ending of Time, Love, and Tenderness his hits some notes out of the park too...just don't know what those notes are :).

Dianne, thanks for putting me straight on the deaf in one ear rumor. I wonder how that one started.
I wish I could find out how skilled he was at the karate thing. I guess ten years is a long time to take classes without being pretty good at somthing though. I know how competitive he is though, so he is prob. quite good with that amount of training.

Payten :)
Juliet, I was very impressed with FM range, so I looked it up and I was only able to see 3.5 for his range. ???? Maybe they didn't count falsetto?? I'm confused. Another range I've long sinced admired is young Robert Plant. He blew his voice out early with impropper use, but when he had it, he hit the notes in full voice with no falsetto better then anybody I've ever known. He had one note under 4 ocitive without falsetto. With training, maybe he could have had 5-6 octives using falsetto, but that probably would have taken away what I loved about his rough, strong early voice.

Hi Juliet,

Freddie had an amazing voice, loved who wants to live forever, and one year of love is better than a lifetime alone....both beautiful.

Hope your having a hot birthday! and you received everything you wanted.... well almost everything ;-)

Best wishes
Carol (London)
Hi all,
Just to add Ronnie James Dio, with his own hight octaves, and what about Tiny Tim? Does anyone know what his range was?
Nice thread!

Here is a Sample of that LIVE version
Hi, the note in that sample was AMAZING! I was just wondering where you got it from? I've been looking online for ages and can't seem to find any early videos of Michael singing Georgia.

Hi Billy and welcome to the forum! The sample put up here comes from a bootleg CD recorded in Paris France, during the “Time love and tenderness” tour  called “L’amour fou”. Sometimes it comes back on again on EBay. Now, if you’re looking for  an early video of Michael “Georgia” live, check this guy:


This was recorded on a tribute to Ray Charles show that was released  on DVD a few years ago. I think it was something like “Ray Charles 50th anniversary” or something to that effect. Also, look on Youtube, there are a few performances of Michael on Jay Leno and one on David Letterman in 1988. I can’t remember if he sang “Georgia” but I think you’ll find what you want. You might also want to check the “new videos on Youtube” thread of this site:


All the great videos we find are put in that section, have fun and good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi again Billy, check page 2 of this thread. Back in June, I've posted the link to a page containing the full length song that contains the sample and you can even download it. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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