I will post new concerts in this thread. Hopefully I have set it correctly to be at the top.




We've gotta find a way to trust

The very best in all of us

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I am sorry to hear that you are having health problems, Jaana. I hope you recover or can improve a bit your health as soon as possible.

I hope you will share photos of that day!. 

All the best,


That's great Jaana..Sorry to hear of your medical issues..Have a great time at the show, looking forward to hearing from you afterwards!!

Robin in MD :)

Hi Jaana, oh sweetie, I am so hhappy for you! Are you going with Florin? In any case, I know you'll have the best time ever and a Michael concert is just what the doctor ordered! :D Take good care of yourself and I do hope you bring back a big smile and one of those wonderful enthusiastic reviews of yours! Big hugs to you, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada <3

Hello Jaana, it is great !! Do you know that Christine and Astrid are flying to Copenhagen too? It will be an amazing "trio". And do not forget to take your flag with .-))

Hug, Ivana

Have a great time ladies...I hope to see some wonderful reviews over on the Tour Review thread afterwards!! I'm glad you are getting to attend this one!

Robin in MD USA :)

I'm happy for you too Jaana and I can feel the excitement rising :)

Let the healing power of Michael's voice begin :)

Wishing you all the very best

Love Dianna xxx

Everyone and the Pink Ladies have a wonderful Bolton Adventure and I can't wait to hear all about your FUN!!!! Take care Jaana and I send you good health wishes to make your trip as comfortable as possible :))))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thank you all my friends of Your kind words to me!

My friend, Päivi, wanted to cheer me up and 'put smile on to my face' again, so she bought that concert ticket, to Copenhagen, for me! Can You think better way to do that, than see Michael LIVE?? :)

And now I can confirm...I can walk again, I'm back on my feet again....miracle happened again, just a week ago!!


I'm sooo HAPPY, as I was so worried, how an earth I'm gonna make it...every single step made so horrible pain...now the pain is 'almost' gone!!!

'Healing Power Of The Music'...worked again!! After my surgery operation my doctor ordered me to be strong and listen lot of Michael's music, because he has seen those miracles, before too, what that music can do for me...he defenatelly believes now, that this 'theraphy', music, really can make miracles! He is wise doctor, has done his job years, he is a medical superintendent!

I got only 4 days to go now! Afterwards I will tell detail's of the consert for You! I will also try to add pictures, but I can't confirm that as I haven't managed to make albums here before, even that I have tried to do so in many different ways :(

Greetings to all fans


Hi Jaana, I'm so very happy for you sweetheart, that's the best news in the world! :D Have a fabulous time and don't worry about anything else. God bless you sweetie and don't forget to have a dose of your special meds every day and take it with you too! ;D Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

A big welcome home for Michael Lington also :))) I am sure you pink ladies will welcome him home just FINE!!!!! LOL Have fun!!!

Kathy and lAFD Bob

Oh wow, how cool is that, Michael Lington's home town!!!! 

Thanks Gail!

Robin in MD :)

Robin I just said this to Bill :)

So happy for Michael L

Love Dianna xxx


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