I really love listening to your music, I've only seen you the one time. (Ipswich, UK October 2005) What a brilliant night! Throughly enjoyed that, you stood behind us on a podium while singing "When a Man Loves a Woman".


I noticed that you will be touring the UK in November 2010, are you coming to anywhere in the Eastern Counties at all? As we'd love to see you, you have a lot of fans here!

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Hello and welcome Jo,
Take a look at the link tab above labelled as 'Tour'. You will see that from November 9th onwards, Michael is touring all over the UK. London, Southend, Gateshead, Blackpools, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, before he flies off to Germany.

Are any of these dates any good to you?

I hope you manage to get a ticket ok.

Welcome again,

Love Jennifer XX
hi michael i am a great fan of your music i have got your new cd album one world one love my fave main song is need you to fall and murder my heart and your new song one world one love i have also left lots of comments on your site but never ever got any replys at all i wanted to kno what does strength and surrender mean in a relationship? as i have got a bf i have chosen those words for me and him i have the word trust as well so plsssssssssss can you reply back to me as soon as poss? i love your music michael its reali brill i reali want to hear from you michael love mags xxxxxxxxxx
Hello Mags,
I'm sory you've never recieved any replies from your posts on here. I honestly havent seen any from you and just know that nobody on here would deliberately ignore you.

The new album is really wonderful isnt it? Do you have any other albums of Michaels? My CD shelf is buckling under the weight of just Michaels cds'. Ha Ha!!

I see that you have requested for Michael to reply to you personally on here, but feel as if I should forewarn you that would be extremely unlikey to happen. Infact, I'd go as far as to say that I dont think it would happen at all. I know you realise how busy Michael is and to reply to one person on here would be a logistical nightmare for him.

I am certain that Michael reads this forum from time to time becuase he mentioned it one time when I met him and he also made mention of one specific post during one of his blogs to us on here.

Have a look at the home page here to see Michaels post to us all. You can leave comments for him here that I'm sure he will read when he gets the time to blog to us next.

Welcome to the forum, you'll have fun here!

Love Jennifer XX
I wasnt sure Juliet. I just didnt want her to think that Michael or indeed anyone was ignoring her.

Juliet is, right, this is like one 'Worldwide extended family' and you are very welcome.

Love Jennifer XX
Megs welcome this a wonderful place to come and form great friendships! Everyone is so warm and friendly. And I agree no one would purposely ignore you! Welcome!

Love Eileen xoxo
hi yes i have left lots of comments on different parts of this site of michaels ive not ever got any replys at all i am from northern ireland co.antrim near to belfast i would very much like to hear from michael in person even to meet him too i have missed out on going to his concerts i have also thought of a brill idae that mayb alot of us that comment on here should have a song contest to sing to michael in any of his songs i kno the words to need you to fall and his old cd album the one thing the song on that cd is called the voice of my heart yea i do have some of michaels cd albums his new one one world one love, the one thing and his greatest hits as well so hope to hear from anyone even michael too plssssssssssssss love mags xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi and welcome Mags
I'm pretty sure none of us here on the forum have heard from Michael personally.
Were not even sure he reads any of these comments we hope he does but we don't know.
Anyway I hope you enjoy the forum we do
All the best
Dianna xxx
Hi and welcome Jo hope you get to another concert real soon
All the best
Dianna xxx
hi yea i would be so excited to hear from michael if he did reply back to all of us on his site id be happy to hear from him it would be great tho too

He does post messages on here pretty regularly on the Home page. Check it out.....
hi yea as i sayd before i have posted lots of messages on michaels site on here got replies from different ppl tho but not from michael himself in person id like to hear from him love mags xxxxxxxxxxxx


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