Michael attending the Multiple Sclerosis Society 37th Annual Dinner of Champions 9/12/2011 in CA



Some great pics of MB, they describe him as an ACTOR tho and not a Singer...LOL


Enjoy the pics!! Some very nice ones!

Robin in MD :)

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Thanks for sharing this!  I have two friends with MS and it's nice to know Michael supports this organization.  Maybe Jack Sparrow gives Michael the ACTOR title now! 


I thought that too, he rocked it in Jack Sparrow!!!! :)

Robin in MD :)

There are some nice Pic's of him there that's for sure

Thanks Robin

I have 2 family members with MS

Thanks Michael for all you do for charity :)

Love Dianna xxx


OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Someone come and pick me up I've fainted!!!! How the blooming heck does he manage to look so flipping amazingly sexy all the time?


Be still my beating heart, be still!!!! Those eyes, look at those eyes!!! *faint*faint*


Jacqeuline.....WHERS MY ICE WOMAN WHERES MY ICE????????


Love Jennifer XX

One of my all time fav's above of MB. I didn't post them here as I did not know if there was anything with copywrite etc...the others are cute but this is the best one, it's a keeper!

Robin in MD :)

I did think about that when I 'borrowed' it Robin,  but there were no restrictions in place on the site so I thought I'd risk it. (Mind you, I can usually work out a way to get around those anyways!! Ha Ha!!) 


We're not going to print it of and sell them so it should be ok.....I hope ?? Ha Ha!! I just want to look at it all day looooong!!!


You are so right Robin, definitely cute!!! 





Jenn I agree with you!!!  OMG!!! An amazing picture so sexy!!! You need to share the ice!!!



I am not able to breath looking in his eyes....


Great Pics....thanks Robin!!



Wow Robin, there are some really nice pics on there, thanks!  Yeah, that actor title would fit him quite nicely!!




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