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Bolton To Be A Grandad

Crooner MICHAEL BOLTON is preparing to become a grandfather for the first time - his youngest daughter TARYN is pregnant.

The 57-year-old singer can't wait to welcome the new addition to his family, but he admits he still considers his three grown daughters -
Taryn, 30, Holly, 32, and Isa, 34 - kids.

He tells People magazine, "It's exciting. But it's also surreal - I still think of them as six, eight and 10. They still get embarrassed by me joking around."

Taryn, Holly and Isa are Bolton's children from his 15-year marriage to Maureen MCGuire.

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I missed this too ,message me please xx
There was another about touring too so get thinking!
OOOOOOHHH yes ,i have now seen that shower scene and it was well worth waiting on but i couldnt hear as was up the other end of the table ,i need details ,message me ladies ,please .xx
Hello Michael Félicitations à la future maman et tous mes bons augures au grand-père en puissance qui est le plus bel homme de la terre ! Toute la tendresse qui transparait dans tes chansons, tu vas pouvoir la transmettre au petit ! Une grande joie que d'avoir un enfant à la maison : la promesse du bonheur en famille... Nous sommes heureux pour Toi et ta famille, Michael ! God bless you
Ahhh. ;)
Oz was a really bad Aussie TV show. As for 'tampon-gate' it's not for me to repeat. Ask Isa.
I agree with Catherine here. This is evidently a story that Isa told you ladies that were with her. Please email to share this story between yourselves and do not post here thanks! This I'm sure is not a story she wanted shared on an open public forum. I dont' know if any of you have noticed but when you sign up for alerts to yahoo or google for Michael's name...whenever his name is mentioned on this forum it shows up in those alerts and I would hate for us to be responsible for passing on a story to the internet that Isa didn't want to go that far. Thanks again!! Gail
I am so happy for Michael and the family.All of his girls have become beautifull women and all are strong, caring independant young women.Taryn is daddy's little girl in his eyes as well as his other lovely daughters.Taryn,,,I will keep you in my prayers that you have a safe delivery of your precious little one.Your father had done a terrific job raising you three girls and I'm so proud of him...I wish you the best sweetheart.God Bless and keep you safe.
I would like to congratulate Taryn's Grandmother Helen.This must be a exciting time for her.I hear the due date is sometime in October.Michael, all of your friends and fans will keep Taryn and her baby in our prayers.Want nothing but the best for you all.I know your girls mean the world to you hun and I'm so happy for you my old friend.I remember when they were small little girls and now look at them.They're all these beautiful, amazing women and be proud of yourself hun for you've done a great job.Your a great dad and stepping into the grand father role will be a natural for you Mike.
I would imagine in time you'll come up with a beautiful song about this experience your now going through, expecting another Bolotin into the fold.Hey Mike, do you still have your Mickey Mouse sweat shirt??Loved you in it.Again,my heart and my prayers go out to you and the family.Love you Always,,,your soul proivder.
Congratulations Taryn!
Wishing you and your hubby and little one much happiness together! Surley your Father is overjoyed at becoming a Grandfather. Knowing how much he has always loved children he must be on cloud nine, as I'm sure you both are too!
Take care of yourself and please post some pictures of you and baby, would love to see them.

Michael is a fantastic Dad... God Bless him and all his family.

Thanks Rocio I have always liked this picture
Love Dianna xxx


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