Hi all,
I just saw that there's a Michael Bolton Mother's Day Twitter Party happening on Monday, May 3rd. The prizes are awesome- autographed copies of his CD and more! I found the details here: http://www.twitterpartyguide.com/twitter-party/michael-bolton-mothe...

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Wow! How great was that to be able to talk to Michael on the phone. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Robin! You did fantastic! I'm afraid I would have been a babbling idiot!

Anna :o))
Hi Anna, I was afraid I'd be the babbling idiot, believe me. When I hung up I was shaking.. I didn't want to go on and on, I tried to be careful to not talk over him and also let him talk. It went well so that was a relief. I didn't want it to be bad for him either. Calling people like that-no clue who they are.

Robin :)
That is so cool Robin!!! A memory of a lifetime!!
Hi Robin
So happy for you that you got your phone call from Michael.
Must of been quite amazing to pick up the phone and hear Michael at the other end.
Sounds like you had a great conversation.
One of those moments to treasure forever.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Love Deb xx
Thanks guys. I was nervous but it went well. He had 5 of these calls to make today. I hope they all went well for him.
Robin :)

Congratulations, my dear friend. All turned out great!!!!! What can I say more than this... you will bever forget the 9th of may 2010. If the cloud number 9 had its very own number nine cloud, you would live there for a while!!!!

Thanks Pilar..Still up there for a while!!LOL
Sounds good!!
Thanks Robin for sharing with us what Michael said to you!!!!!!!!
And also for mention us!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the memories of the call!!!!!!!!
How cool was that Robin ,I think when he laughed he would have heard me hitting the floor ,lol.He really is thoughtful.I bet you had to keep pinching yourself .How cool Dianna that he is looking forward to doing the shows in Austrailia ,as he said its been too long.Robin thank you for sharing with us we really appreciate it .xx
I know Sharon sounds good doesn't it!
Love Dianna xxx
Dianna I was thinking about you when I mentioned Australia to him. He's looking forward to seeing your country again and touring there. You will have a wonderful time, I just know it.
Robin :)


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