Hi all,
I just saw that there's a Michael Bolton Mother's Day Twitter Party happening on Monday, May 3rd. The prizes are awesome- autographed copies of his CD and more! I found the details here: http://www.twitterpartyguide.com/twitter-party/michael-bolton-mothe...

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Thanks for the reply Helen. LOL It was all luck believe me. Thanks!!!
LOL Deb, my friends were there in the front and one especially yelled hello. They didn't know I was calling, they already had left for the show and all. It was a surprise to them and MB's reaction was so funny.. LOL

Dear Robin

I am sooooo thrilled to have heard today that you have won such a special gift from Michael. I truly do think you do deserve this Robin, you are a true friend.
I know you will use your time wisely, and i wish you all the very best.. i am really happy for you.

Well done Robin ,Dying to hear how the call goes for you .Amazing prize ,Congrats on figuring out how to do this .It really paid off for you .XX
Thaks so much Clare and Sharon. Will see how it goes. It will be fun!
Robin :)
That is so awesome Robin!! I can not wait to hear how it goes! I went to the page and read all the instructions but didn't know how to do most of the stuff. Answering the questions was the only part that looked easy!!
So happy for you and thanks for sharing with us!!
I did receive the flowers today and they are lovely. I guess the call is really happening!!LOL The vase has an insert that is water resistant, you can see the water line sorta in the photo. You can then take that out and use it as a clear vase too! How neat is that!!!! There are some roses and peonies and other pretty flowers, little orchids or something similar too!

Ooooh those are gorgeous, Robin!!!
Robin the flowers are beautiful.
I'm so so happy for you
When is the actual phone call how many more sleeps
Can't wait to hear how it all goes
Love Dianna xxx
Those flowers are so gorgeous Robin!!! Make sure you dry some of them for memories!!! Enjoy them as long as possible!
The flowers are absolutely beautiful! And the vase...how cute is that! I do hope you enjoy them tremendously and they dry nicely and keep their color!

the flowers are so beautifull but then so is the vase something you can keep for ever what a beautifull gift


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