11 days left until Michael Bolton's concert in Romania 

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Thanks for the info, Florin! I hope it does well in the U.S. once he starts his tour here.

Ditto Anna. He doesn't get alot of promotion here. I hope maybe more this time around coming up!
Robin :)
Anna, I sure hope so!! He didn't get alot here in the spring. I just happened to be reading my local paper and there was a small article about him and I concert in Peeskill NY! And that was a week and a half before the concert! Got great seats 2 row!! He was amazing!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Hi everyone, just had a call from Florin, he had a great time at the concert last night, he asked me to let you all know he will leave a full review as soon as he gets back from his vacation on tuesday.
Carol B.
On Tuesday... On Tuesday... Oh my God, will I be able to wait???????
Hi Carol, thanks for letting us know when to expect to hear from Florin! I'll look forward to his review! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Eva M, Thank you so much for sharing these sites!!! Its great seeing them !! He looks like hes having a great time! It's great to see how other countries react to him! Thanks so much!! Your a sweetie!
Love Eileen xoxo
Thanks EVA, they are all great!!!!!
Robin :)
Thanks Eva for these wondeful links!
Thanks Eva all the links work fine
Thanks for sharing
Love Dianna xxx

Thank you for these amazing links!


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