Jude posted this on Fb .I know someone prob worse than this but thought this was fun .


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I'm thinking this is the worst I've seen!!!LOL

It is a little much Gail especially the egg lol
I was lmao at that! The comentary was so funny..... And where does Michael live...... in hut made of popsicle sticks! Pahahahaha! its like Spongebob living in a pineapple under the sea. That fact that her mum was in the video proves she's not a fruitloop :D

Just for the record though, Da Vinci is not a word I use to describe that UNIQUE fireplace painting! Did she say it was OVER or IN the fireplace?

WOW!!! This was too much!!! And the egg......  LOL!!   Thanks for sharing Sharon!

Eileen  xxx

Oh my gosh!! All those framed photos!! That is so sick!! She is seriously weird and verging on the insane I would say. 

I have one photo of Michael and me in my house and that is of the first time we met, but that's all.

My friend has photos of Johnny Depp all round her house and I think its creepy. Everywhere you go, he's looking at you, it horrible and really sad!!

Loved the egg though, thats just too daft!!

Thanks for sharing it with us Sharon.


I apologise for anything I have ever said about my mother too!!!!!!!!

I have a framed picture my daughter bought off ebay (for my birthday )on my desk and that is it the rest of the stuff I have is all over the place packed here there and everywhere.

I also have the little Bolton Buddies brooche still in the little velvet pouch that has always been on the shelf on my desk, the one I wore last concert and the one in which I will wear on the next concert :) STAND BY MICHAEL BROOCHE :)

But I find this a bit over the top

You have to wonder sometimes how Michael must feel when he goes to meet his fans because really some of them would be over the top.

I remember reading where they use to grab and pull his hair out and tear at him really it would have been a bit scary at times.

And it would happen to all famous people all over the world over the top fans.


Thanks Sharon for posting, will have to show my girls they will now know there is hope for me :) LOL!


Love Dianna xxx




OMG that egg thing was the strangest thing!!!LOL  Her mom was a good sport about it to be in her video!!!

Robin in MD:)

Where did she get that "see through man"??????? And what was inside??????? I dare wonder. LOL  The videographer sure made the viewing quite suspenseful....ROFL  You could tell they all have a good sense of humor and no one is being hurt...other than "Michael" stuck in that egg!!!! 

Kathy and LAFD Bob


Wow, that is really creepy lol!  Especially the egg, what's that all about!! lol


Love Deb xx

Why? Do you want one?!? ;-P

Oh yes, just what I always wanted LOL!! :)



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