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Thanks for sharing! One of these pics was front page in the paper too.

You know what's so funny about these pics? MB used the regular exit of the Aruban airport. I thought he would have used the VIP exit instead. His bodyguard (black shirt) got sick of me because I knew every detail and called me a stalker (towards other security people). All 3 days he kept this serious face :-( But that's probably part of his job...

Nevertheless Michael took the time to be nice to his fan(s) and I had some great contact with the Aruban bodyguard Deo :-)


Hey Koosje,

LOL! Girl you really had a Blast I can tell! He is so down to earth with Us his fans!

He's just a genuine gentleman! Stalking is Fun, my daughter & I do it every chance we get! It's a part of the experience, I think! I'm so glad you

got to meet him!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Muy lindas tus fotos...está bárbaro...


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