I've been asked to find out what you would like to see on the site from Michael to help you feel more connected as a fan.  He is going to try to blog more often from all the places he is going and I believe he is going to try to post some pictures but anything else (please keep it to things really workable and attainable).  Post in this thread so I know where to find your responses and can pass them on.  Thanks!  Gail

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I agree it would be great!! Wonderful to be able to talk to everyone here live and maybe MB chatting with us once in a while!!! Its a great idea!!

Love Eileen xoxo
That was great,i remember i was asking Holly questions because i didnt believe it was her ,lol.xx
We can chat live on this site now.

If we want to chat, one of us can go to our personal page, click on settings, then go to my page (on the left) and then from the apps directory, we can add a chat page. I have one on my page so when I've worked it out, we could chat there is anyone wanted to?

Love ~Jennifer XXX
Hi Jennifer,

I would chat with you anytime my love!

Take Care.
Carol (London) xx
I Love this idea!!

Love Eileen xoxo
I saw that in there, does that mean only when you are logged onto the forum would the room be open and do you have to set your page to public or members only for us to get to it? Just wondering how it would work.....I did not add it to mine way back when I was setting this stuff up, but wonder how it works.. If you can set it up, it would be fun if we can use a chat room on here sometime. But if you are logged off then will the room still be available I guess is what I'm asking?? I didn't check the details close enough I guess!!

Let us know if you can get one set up.
Robin :)
I agree Florin!! Hugs!

Love Eileen xoxo
Hey Michael,
I would like to suggest that you take one evening a month and do a live chat feed in here with your fans.It can be done by keyboard with your response in voice over the site.I think this would be a great hit for the site as well as get better acquainted with your many fans over the years.It's beendone over the years by other artist's and actors such as my friend Christopher Lambert.Keep up the great work mike and congrats on Taryn's making you a grandfather.Love and miss you my old friend.Your Sould Provider...
Please go to tour and gigs page! Join the rally call to Save Our Band line up.
Michael...my brothers and I are huge fans. Despite our differences, your music has always been a bridge between the three of us. Last year, my younger brother Jeff died. Since then, the road has been long and difficult for us. My surviving brother (Steve) and I have been desperately trying to attend one of your concerts, in a hope that it will bring us to some type of spiritual closure. I know it sounds insane, but your music always brought us closer as family. I live in Seattle and Steve lives in Omaha, NE. If you are preforming anywhere in-between these destinations I would love to know. Thanks for your time...
Hi and welcome William to the forum
First I am sad to hear of the loss of your brother and I think it's a wonderful idea for Steve and yourself to come together for a Michael Bolton concert.
I live in Australia so PLEASE REMEMBER I DON"T KNOW THE STATES AT ALL LOL but I have noticed there is a concert in Omaha,NE on October the 4th at the performing Arts center have a look at the home page of this forum and go to tours and you can have a bit of a look at where Michael is planning his concerts here is the link


Sorry I can't be of more help and I hope you and Steve can do this for yourselves and your brother I am sure he will be there in spirit right along side of you

All the best
Sorry to say that you just missed seeing him in Tacoma on Aug. 14th. There's a list of tour dates posted on this forum....I hope you can find another one that you can attend with your brother.


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