I've been asked to find out what you would like to see on the site from Michael to help you feel more connected as a fan.  He is going to try to blog more often from all the places he is going and I believe he is going to try to post some pictures but anything else (please keep it to things really workable and attainable).  Post in this thread so I know where to find your responses and can pass them on.  Thanks!  Gail

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Porta-loo with twigs taped to it so it looks like a tree. We can get those disposable bbq's so we can make a hut in case it rains. I have an old skool boombox just need some batteries and we're ready to roll 'Mikey'.
Watches synchronised. Ooooo! Candles. We'll need to remember to ask for those to. I think we should knock on the door dressed as girl scouts selling cookies so as not to arouse suspicion.
And snorkels! I can't see us getting busted now that we have switched to covert mode and using code names though. We're just to damn good.
World domination beckons! Together we could marry Michael and go into business as Michael, Mickey and Mikey. Genius I tell you, Genius!
Sorry about the delayed response I was going through his trash......!
Socks. A little holey but we can hug them at night or wear them like gloves so every time we eat we can smell him ..... and cheese!
Back in a minute.
Interesting thought a lock of hair
I personally have have no interest in a lock of Michael's hair
So if that is ever choosen I don't want it! lol
Love Dianna xxx
During a recent covert recon mission, you know what I mean Mikey, I discovered MiBo is a Radox shower gel guy.
Just the bottle!?! I got the towel, face flannel and the bottle .... after I helped him lather up :D
That's not gonna be easy, he doesn't wear pants!
We could hide amongst the washing. You never know what we might find .......


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