Michael wil be on 2GB Alan Jones from Sydney on Monday - there's a listen live link
here www.2gb.com

On air at 3:10pm Sunday Pacific Time / 6:10pm Eastern Time



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LOL! Sylvia she sounds like she needs a good friend.

I think she has a wonderful voice but to be honest I don't think she handles fame too well poor dear.

Michael put your arms around her and tell her it's OK we Aussie's are normally pretty easy going

Love Dianna xxx

7:22am here now

PS I love my new banner too :)


4 Minutes to 8am

Love Dianna xxx


Countdown ......10.....9 .....8 ..... hey it is 8.00 a.m. and it is the news again - oh no !!!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend

She did say after 8am LOL!

No wonder I don't listen to the radio.

Love Dianna xxx


He's On :)

Love Dianna xxx

YES!!! :-))))

Listening LIVE here on the East Coast of the USA, loud and clear, talking about his early career and then who he's working with now! Younger artists!!! Now playing some Opera!!!

Robin in MD:)

Talking about Lady Gaga right now, story about how they worked together.
Talking about doing Opera and working with Pavarotti, playing Nessun Dorma.

I am enjoying this interview very much

I don't listen to Mr Jones but I have to say what a great interview!

Are u all happy?

Love Dianna xxx

Is that the end?


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