I apologize if this come up twice..blame in on the technical difficulties I have been experiencing with my computer..I saw an item on Yahoo Trending that Michael is in negotiations to be on Dancing With The Stars! Can anyone confirm this? I hadn't seen that before, so if it is old stuff, I am sorry...its news to me, and I only hope it is true! How awesome that would be!

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Michael's first day of rehersal.....he sings to her and trys to learn some moves.....then makes a funny :)
Thanks for the link Payten! I'm really looking forward to seeing the show next week!

love it....his voice is so sexy. I think the face was the fact that she said only older women love him and the votes would be and edge up. But truth is he has a lot of younger generations who still thinks he's the shit. LOL

thanks for the link
mbsings Tune in to KABC today at 4:30PM PST for an exclusive interview with Michael.
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Tweeted a while ago, What is KABC? Is that only a local CA affiliate????? It would be on at 7:30 p.m. EST if it's nationwide..

Robin :)
Kabc would be a west coast channel, he didn't say what it was on, did he? Probably not nationwide..guess we will keep watching!!
http://www.kabc.com/default.asp You can listen live. That would be EST right? Gail
Thanks Gail, I have it on here now. THanks for the link! Hope we hear him about 7:30 EST!!
Thanks Gail, did not think about the radio!!! Hope to hear him soon....
Hi everybody I'm not too sure am I too late to listen I have gone to the link and clicked listen live is that the one I had to do hope someone gets back to me soon :)
Love Dianna xxxx
Dianna, you have about 45 minutes to go, it's 6:45 pm. here in MD right now!!!
East Coast time
Robin :)
Not getting it ..anyone. I'm hearing a political interview??
Same here, Political talk?????


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