I apologize if this come up twice..blame in on the technical difficulties I have been experiencing with my computer..I saw an item on Yahoo Trending that Michael is in negotiations to be on Dancing With The Stars! Can anyone confirm this? I hadn't seen that before, so if it is old stuff, I am sorry...its news to me, and I only hope it is true! How awesome that would be!

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Hey Robin Have voted everywhere I can! He looked tired and it didn't help that he was sick last week!!! Keeping my fingers crossed and getting others to vote!!

I think they just had a father/daughter type spat, he totally went into 'Dad Mode' when Chelsie said, "Whatever..." I could totally see him having the same sort of 'discussion' with one of his girls, lol
Caren, Same here, I was thinking the EXACT same thing. OMG
I just felt really bad because his mother was in the audience and had to listen to what Bruno said, plus they didn't even acknowlege her being there.
of course they wouldn't acknowledge her being there. Should he lose tomorrow, perhaps they may mention who's there for support. Polease. I'm sorry but to me, I felt Chelsie's tuude was cocky. I'm not saying Michael's perfect but she, I really felt, didn't want to be with him.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA

He tried. Love him.
That was disrespectful, by anyone's standard! ....^. .* Linda
Hi Amy, I really appreciate your insight sweetie and even if you're a Chelsie fan, you're also sticking up for Michael, God bless you! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Sorry for my views for those who are Cheslie fans. I am very loyal to Michael&sometimes, I may come across with being abrupt.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. Ca

I know she's cool but.....
I voted all I could..I am not a choreographer, or a dancer, or anything other than a spectator...yes, I am predisposed to favor Michael because I am a fan and it is so cool to get to see him, which I want to continue to do...so, as an admitted NON-expert who TRIED to be objective, I couldn't understand why they were given such low marks when other dancers (to me) weren't much better. The one pair..and I honestly forget which it was...I thought looked as though he was just dragging her around! Yet they scored pretty well! So, I can only hope that our votes will help them stay on. Whatever happens, I am very proud of Michael!
Just woke up here in Paris at 3 in the morning to vote online through ABC.com. I saw Michael's dance on Youtube and thought it was not that bad. Though his energy seemed high at the beginning of the routine and pretty low in the second half. Anyway, he pulled it off with class. As for Bruno's harsh comments, even if I did not like them at all, may be he helped Michael in stayong one more week. Working myself on this kind of shows, I can tell you the more unfair criticism the judeges throw at one contestant, the more votes this contestant gets from the audience. Hopefully MB will benefit from this, even with a very low 12 score from the judges.
I like your perspective Matthieu good point. Maybe he will stay on one more week. We sure hope so. Those scores were very low and unkindly low.

I agree with y'all on the father/daughter part he
nicely suggested they do a diff move and 
forgive me but she was a brat about it but hey
others on there were even more at each others
throats than our team was but they did hug and
make up so to speak that was a true gent 
right there 

;-) Nichole 


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