I apologize if this come up twice..blame in on the technical difficulties I have been experiencing with my computer..I saw an item on Yahoo Trending that Michael is in negotiations to be on Dancing With The Stars! Can anyone confirm this? I hadn't seen that before, so if it is old stuff, I am sorry...its news to me, and I only hope it is true! How awesome that would be!

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Of course, he's a cool gent. I hear you Nichole. :)

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA

Let me stop. I'll really have the hands hurting.
Bruno sucks. That's all I'm going to say. I understand honesty but rudeness? Inexcusable.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA

At lease Chelsie hugged MB. Lucky girl. :)

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
Agree with points, well taken! Michael has a charming smile that needs to be flashed at those judges MORE....Bring it on! One of those poor judges will probably melt in her tracks....If he could only be singing at the same time...ha ha..My individual opinion, Linda... ^. .%
Chelsie and Michael after the show.

AWWW that's cute!!!
Robin :)
She is cute, he is a doll! What more could you ask for????...^. .%
Hello Amy, Thank's for sharing this photo !! I already donwload it in my private album ! What's lucky !! Thank's again Wonderfull .. Bye BD
Hope Michael hangs in there. The judges can be brutal; but he's a professional and can take it. Used all my votes to keep him on. Remember, it was Michael himself who said years ago, "Success is the sweetest revenge." How true it is. Give 'm heck Michael.
Loved what you said Lee. You're right. We all have to take the bitter with the sweet&sometimes, I'm not good at that. Hang in there MB.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA

I'm bored with this show. See y'all later. :)
Hello everyone....just got in from CA a bit ago. Haven't been able to see all the show but did watch Michael's part. I went online and voted for him...hopefully we can vote enough to keep him on another week. He told me yesterday that he was so nervous and he knows that shows. He said he had never danced before and he knows he thinks about it too much and it shows while dancing. I told him with practice and time he will over come a lot of it but for someone who has never danced a lick in their life all of his fans think he is absolutely terrific. He smiled and said to thank you all...and vote!!! ;) He said the name of the game for him was getting better each week. I think the doghouse was not a Michael thing and why it looked a bit odd to most of us...I did see Chelsie in person in CA and she is a real cutie and very sweet.

Thanks to all of you keeping up on all this while I was gone. I'm pooped and going to bed but will post some pictures over the next few days.

I have just watched this weeks dance on line and have to say I hated the dog house, it was unnecessary and I cannot believe Michael would agree to do that. The dance it's self wasn't too bad, there were parts where he moved really well, but it was apparent he ran out of steam part way through (I guess due to being poorly this week) but I think Bruno's comments were too harsh. They didn't take into account that Michael is not and never has had any form of dance training before, unlike many of the other contestants or the fact he has been so unwell this week. In sayintg this I don't want to make excuses for him, but give him a break!! I will, however, continue to vote but feft uncomfortable seeing Michael perform such a silly gimmick.

I think you hit the nail on the head. Silly. We are not used to Michael being silly. Funny, personable, precious but not silly. Maybe that is why it was so hard on us. Hope our voting kept him on. Success is the best form of revenge. I must say I am Very proud of the way he is taking the judges commments(no matter how horrible they are). I guess his entire career has been filled with critics and mean comments. Oh how I hope he proves them wrong.


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