Dont you think that Michael looks like Barry Manilow in this photo? Or is it just me then? Ha Ha!


Look how the 'pilot glasses' are back in fashion!!!


Love Jennifer XX

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Yes, where is Caro when we need our dreams interpretting?

Kellie, I can just imagine the scene in your dream!! Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XX
I love watching Monk!!

He's on TV saturday afternoons now isnt he?

Yes, he'd be a great flat mate. Wouldnt the flat be clea nand very tidy? Ha Ha!! More 'lounging time'.

Love Jennifer XX
Love Monk ,even Dylan watches it with me .Going to try get the boxset in Nyc ,I want to watch it from beggining .x
Hi Jennifer,
Well the funny thing is, I would never think, that he would ever think of me, like he does in the dream!!! LOL
Who know's what the unconsious mind is trying to unveil to the consious state, But I do like it, when it happens.
We are very young in this dream and, how do I say this___ unexpierenced and impressionable. HaHa

No it's not just looks like Barry...LOL!!
Right, enough speculation, I've sent the photo to Isa to see what she thinks. Ha Ha!!

Lets wait and see.

Love Jennifer XXX
I defo think its Michael .Maybe in a movie role but defo him.

Lets see how many get it right ,ha
Good thinking Jennifer
Love Dianna xxx
Great idea Jennifer, she should be able to give us the answer one way or another!

Love Sandra xx
HI Jenn,
Couriousity is killing my cat, so to speak. I wonder if Isa has ever seen this photo of her Dad? Surely there are many out there the girls have never seen... I just hope we get to see more of Our Man, and that his girls get to see more of their Father, when time permits.

I havent had a reply yet from Isa so I'll send her a message to remind her.

Love Jennifer XX
Now i am stumped .Wonder who it is ,hmmmmm


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