Dont you think that Michael looks like Barry Manilow in this photo? Or is it just me then? Ha Ha!


Look how the 'pilot glasses' are back in fashion!!!


Love Jennifer XX

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Well, I never!!!! So, Michael has a doppleganger!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

This is so funny that Isa and Taryn didnt recognise if it was theiur own Dad!! I'm laughing so hard right now, my sides really hurt!!

Well, now we know that it isnt Michael, he certainly looks a lot, a hell of a lot like him!!! Phew!!!

Love Jennifer XX

PS Oh bottoms, now Michael thinks I'm a right nutter!!! (mind you I think he might have guessed that by now each time I met him he said I was mad!!)
Still reminds me of William Ficthner! xxx
Glad that's cleared up!
Love Dianna xxx
Looks like Michael Bay too- he's a director/producer! xxx
Thats a lot of Michael's! xxx
How odd? Here is 'that photo' again!!

What a strange coincidence?

Love Jennifer XXX
Isn't that weird Jennifer I so agree that person needs to be told it isn't Michael!
Love Dianna xxx
Maybe someone needs to notify EBAY that's false advertising or just a false claim to use MB's name to sell something that's NOT his image? Sad like the false autographs I see all the time on Ebay. The crooks are out in full force on there at times..OMG!

I had already e-mailed him to advise that Michael himself says that it isnt him!! Ha Ha!

Love Jennifer XXX
I bet this seller wonders what has hit him being contacted by two Michael fans!! Ha Ha!!

I even told him that Michael himself had said that it wasnt him!!

He still hasnt removed it though?

Love Jennifer XXX
Hi Jennifer,
The location of this photo, led me to believe that it is Michael Bolton, and his neck is so that I would like it again, if, it were Him...
If not, who is this? Does he have any idea of what we are thinking? HUHHHHmmmm??? He would like to know, that us Bolton Fans, can't tell the difference or can we? Prey tell will ya.

Ha Ha Ha!! I recieved the same message!!

I dont think it will reappear now that they know were onto them!!

Love Jennifer XX


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