Did you like Michael's hair long or short?

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Oh give it up!  Talk about Michael's hair is old news!  I think that is why no one else has posted here.  A true fan loves him no matter what his hair is like!

Isnt it funny how the reporters still bring this topic up in all of the interviews?


They always bring it up by saying, 'Lets talk about The Hair'. I usually let out a sigh and wait for the look of disappointment on Michaels face too.


I think the majority of us a fed up with it too, but some people are still keen for the debate. Michaels daughters have begged their Dad not to grow it again, so I'm guessing that he wont.


I prefer Michaels hair when its a bit curly and on his collar because I ran my fingers through it last time, but not really short into the nape of his neck. However Michaels wants it is fine with me its all irrelevant because, I love him regardless of hair length.


Love Jennifer XX

Both, but short is much better, and I  think Michael would agree.


I like it cut short and shorter than now like when he first got it cut the best.. I don't think he will ever go back to his long hair. We had a thread on here about this before I believe..LOL  It makes him look older when it needs trimmed I think.. Just my two cents..


Robin in MD :)

Michael had his hair cut about 15 years ago , so any interview about his hair is just a laugh. I know some of Michael's stories of recording and writing should be told. All the new fans Michael has gotten since Jack Sparrow could careless. All people should know is his singing talent and writing ability. Michael's hair short does bring out his eyes and looks better. Jimmy

He cut it in 1997, time sure flies!! LOL

Robin in MD :)

Hi Jimmy, I could not agree more with you about Michael’s writing and recording stories that should be told. Personally, I’ve said this on another thread, but I feel that the general public has held on to Michael’s old image for too long and having him labeled as “dated”, haven’t opened their minds long enough to move on and find value in what he’s been doing since ’97. I’m sure he looked fantastic, but doesn’t he look fantastic now? You have to move with the times. JMO You bring up a very good point about the newer fans not caring. Thank you for sharing Jimmy, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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