The DVD will be released on May 4th!!!

And Pilar, "Crazy Love" is on the DVD!  Like that song also very much. Can`t wait.................

Track Listing:
1.) Soul Provider
2.) Said I Loved You
3.) Hope It's Too Late
4.) To Love Somebody
5.) Dock Of The Bay
6.) You Don't Know Me
7.) Summertime
8.) Fly Me To The Moon
9.) That's Life
10.) Murder My Heart
11.) When A Man Loves A Woman
12.) How Can We Be Lovers?
13.) Steel Bars
14.) Times Love And Tenderness
15.) Can I Touch You There?
16.) Crazy Love
17.) Georgia On My Mind
18.) How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?
19.) One Love

Bonus features:
Bonus Track "Nessun Dorma"
Interview with Michael Bolton
"Countdown" Documentary


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I can't wait to get this!
Me too the little bit I have seen is great!
All the best

It was really weird watching the two clips that I've seen. Knowing that I am there, somewhere in the audience, singing my little head off.

I cant wait to get this dvd in my chubby little hands.

Love Jennifer XXX

"I'm so excited amd I just cant hide it no.. no noo. noo...noooo!"

Love Jennifer XXX
i have just had an email from hmv to say my dvd has been shipped woohoo cant wait

Mine says in stock waiting for dispatch woo hoo
Love Dianna xxx

I've got the DVD on order from Amazon UK who, when the order was placed advised a delivery date of 3rd May, and now they say May 6th!! Grrr!!

And, I've ordered the Blu ray version from HMV who offer a delivery date of 3rd May...

Which one will arrive first??

We shall see!!! Ha Ha!!

Love from a very excited, over enthusiastic, fidgity, hyperventilating Jennifer XX
Okay now says been sent woo hoooooooo
any day now!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait!!

I have my DVD- it arrived this morning!!! Haven't got time to watch the extras yet but watched the actual concert and it is amazing. Takes me right back to the night and the sound is fantastic! Can't wait to see him again now!!!! LOL xxx
I also got my DVD today woohoo can't wait to watch it
Good on you too Helen enjoy it and let us know
Love Dianna xxx


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