Miscellany but exceptionally relevant information about, or from Michael on, MB.

Thought I would start this thread for there does appear, at times, to be different relevant articles, tweets, retweets, pictures etc relating to Michael but not really fitting into an already recognized thread nor, each of them individually, being able to be grouped together where a relevant thread could be started and so decided on this "Miscellany" thread.   

I hope you agree with its relevance and that you enjoy everything that is put in as well as hoping that many will find interesting tidbits about Michael that can be included and help to make this, whilst a serious sharing of information, a FUN page to be able to visit too and, as is my intention, somewhere that everything which does not have a particular "home" can be placed, so that is all grouped together and can be easily found and located if someone wants to look at.

Here now, so that we can all focus on the main reason for this thread, is a beautiful picture of the "Theme" of the thread.......wonder if MB has ever been called that before ???? LOL. 



Believe this one definitely belongs in here for I would say sharing with us that coconut sorbet is his favourite dessert is both miscellaneous and more than extremely relevant to the "THEME" of this website and in particular, to this thread  !! LOL.

Hope everyone enjoys content and feels free to add their very own miscellany !!! :)



A separate thread has been created for the Q&A Session and it can be found at  http://www.michaelbolton.com/forum/topics/michael-s-question-and-an...


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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Found it on twitter a few minutes ago.

http://interno18.it/culturaspettacolo/musica/35507/da-santa-maria-a... .


Thanks for link Francoise and not to sure by translation if they are saying she will be with Michael in both shows in Italy and then also for next 10 shows........ need to await reviews ??????

Thanks again for article !!! :)  

Merci pour le lien Francoise et pas à assurer par la traduction si ils disent "Fiorenza" sera avec Michael dans les deux montre en Italie et puis aussi pour la prochaine 10 montre... besoin d'attendre les commentaires???

Merci encore pour l'article!!! :)
Here is a translation of article in link....................
"Santa Maria Capua Vetere-Fiorenza toured with Michael Bolton. The singer of Santa Maria Capua Vetere continues its claim now not only nationally but also internationally. After the artist Valentina Di Gennaro in art ' Fiorenza ' was the singer who had the unenviable task of opening the Pauol tour Young in Italy, having regard to his statement with the same was immediately contacted by concerts by Michael Bolton in Barletta and in Naples in his international tours and news of a few hours agothe singer Michael Bolton will be in all the stages of his tour from Europe to America in about 10 dates.
Faty tells us that everything that is happening is fantastic and also reminds us that in September will be the representative for Italy at the international music festival to be held in Russia. Also the much awaited nears end of the Naples film festival to be held in Las Vegas in December broadcast over live on Mediaset.
Finally reveals the title of his first album due out in September and produced by Universal. The title of the cd is ' Everything ' by accident and will include 6 new songs, covers and 2 2 duets with affermatissimi artists of Italian music."
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

...another nice article with a very nice photo.....

Michael Bolton's daughter opens resale boutique in Westport


Happy weekend to everyone - BG from Germany

Thanks a million for that article Brigitte for that really is sweet and so glad to hear her mum is getting involved with her and can well, well imagine Michael giving his two cents worth....nothing would stop him doing that and loved the way Taryn handle dad's "advice"....LOL....also love the picture of Taryn with Amelia (Millie) ...love it !!! :)

Thanks Brigitte !!! :)

Eine Million dafür Artikel Brigitte, denn das ist wirklich süß und so froh zu hören, ihre Mutter ist mit ihr einzulassen und kann nun, dank gut vorstellen Michael mit seiner zwei-Cent-Wert... nichts würde ihn damit aufhören und liebte die Art und Weise Taryn Handle Vater "Beratung"...LOL... Liebe auch das Bild von Taryn mit Amelia (Millie)... einfach es!!! :)

Vielen Dank Brigitte!!! :)
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Brigitte!! Nice article and adorable photos..She's thought of everything for her customers. It will be a huge success!!! So cute about MB giving her ideas for the store!!LOL


Robin in MD:)

Here is another article with pics:




Thanks Eva M for that link but we do have that article somewhere on here already but thanks so much for bringing it over.....thanks !!!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks, Now that is a really Nice shop! And everything looks to be Brand New:)! I bet she gets calls from her Dad's fans 4 a bit, then it will settle down...but then again, she's gonna get a lot of his Fans come in to buy & sell, too! Or simply just to look around! If I were there I would, what about you All? LOL!

Mary (meg's mom)!

I would surely stop by if I were closer. The store looks great and I would love to meet Tayrn! I sure could use some things for my new grandson who is getting bigger day by day! He is 6 weeks old today.  Growing out of newborn size already. CT is not that far from me, I may be in that area one of these days.........





Sorry it has taken me so long to come on here and post Jason's pictures from Naples but my Internet connection went down this morning and has only just come back up....lot of stormy weather lingering about here so not surprised it went for have wondered how it has stayed for the last few days !!! LOL

Here are his photos and beautiful they are too..........



In the background of the photos Jason pointed out that that is Mount Vesuvius you can see.....just as well she didn't erupt while they were there !!!! lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



Italy sure looks like a beautiful place to be this time of year. Have put it on my bucket list of places to visit.

Jason I love the T-Shirt. For I am still dreaming about the Lancaster Concert, was nice to see you again with Michael.

Hope all are enjoying themselves immensely!

Have Fun!


Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!!! Thanks Sylvia!! Hugs,

Kathy T. :)


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