Miscellany but exceptionally relevant information about, or from Michael on, MB.

Thought I would start this thread for there does appear, at times, to be different relevant articles, tweets, retweets, pictures etc relating to Michael but not really fitting into an already recognized thread nor, each of them individually, being able to be grouped together where a relevant thread could be started and so decided on this "Miscellany" thread.   

I hope you agree with its relevance and that you enjoy everything that is put in as well as hoping that many will find interesting tidbits about Michael that can be included and help to make this, whilst a serious sharing of information, a FUN page to be able to visit too and, as is my intention, somewhere that everything which does not have a particular "home" can be placed, so that is all grouped together and can be easily found and located if someone wants to look at.

Here now, so that we can all focus on the main reason for this thread, is a beautiful picture of the "Theme" of the thread.......wonder if MB has ever been called that before ???? LOL. 



Believe this one definitely belongs in here for I would say sharing with us that coconut sorbet is his favourite dessert is both miscellaneous and more than extremely relevant to the "THEME" of this website and in particular, to this thread  !! LOL.

Hope everyone enjoys content and feels free to add their very own miscellany !!! :)



A separate thread has been created for the Q&A Session and it can be found at  http://www.michaelbolton.com/forum/topics/michael-s-question-and-an...


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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Ok...this seems to be all the info. Any questions you want to ask Michael go to The Talks FB page and post your questions. Then come back on Tuesday at 3:15 EST and watch the interview on their FB site.

Thanks Ladies...Should be fun!

Robin in MD :)

Shoot. I won't be able to participate as I have an appointment. I just can't always get out of an appointment that easily.

Thanks for the info Sylvia, I hope we get a few good questions in. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks Gail !!! :)

Hi Robin and somehow believe, however they are going to do it, that it will remain on their page and you be will able to see after it is actually finished.  Mind you that is wishful thinking on my part and maybe when it closes it will close !!!  It is just thinking because of time differences throughout the world those in Australia, for instance, wouldn't be able to watch it live unless they stay up till 1.30 or 2.30 next morning.  Know it is difficult with anything like that to cater for everyone and really 3.15 is a perfect time for majority but hope it does stay so you can access and hear it.

Also wanted to say if either you, Robin, or Sylvie, have problems (especially knowing you are not on FB Sylvie) if you wanted to ask a question I'd be more than willing to post it on page on your behalf, more than !!

BTW Michael has sent tweet, including the original tweet from Julie Chen in his and here is his tweet ......

This is gonna be awesome!! Tune in Tuesday!

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend


A PS to above .... have checked The Talk Shows page for previous interviews and they are accessible after live interview.....they remain on the page.

Sylvia   YWSF    27

Hi Sylvia, thanks for the info. The previous video Michael had done with Facebook live had been left on the page afterwards. Most people have lives and can't be connected 24/7. I appreciate your always standing offer and I should be sending you a message today. Take care Sylvia and thanks again. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D'

Is he going to be on the show "The Talk" as well tomorrow?

That is what he is doing Robin for the Q&A is not on his page but on The Talk Show page.  Believe it will be an interview, type thing, along with Q&A and Julie Chen will pose the questions to him that we have asked and you will see him answering.  It is not as Q&A have been done before on his page where he types the answers for this is actually being done as a live video.  Last time Michael was on this show was in 2013 and there is still a short video about that he did just before he went live and that time he was talking about his memoir.

Will look out for your message Sylvie !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


This is being done by a Facebook Live video.  The session is live but you won't be able to talk to him at that time.  I guess what I'm trying to say is it isn't pre recorded, it will be live but  you will be watching it as it happens on The Talk's facebook page. Gail

Thanks girls. I'll ask my brother-in-law to tape it for me tomorrow @ 2 my time.

Hi Robin, just to be clear sweetie, Michael will be on "The talk" on CBS at 2:00 p.m. EST and he will be on-line live, answering questions fans have pre-posted right after. My husband checked and Michael is listed as a guest today on the show.  Take care and break a leg with your appointment. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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