If you check the main site and click under Gallery and then On The Road...some pictures of Michael in China have been added.  Hopefully more to follow!! Gail

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Thanks Gail! He's getting the ball rolling, this is great!!!
Robin :)
Thanks Gail will have a look now.
Thanks Michael for starting!
Love Dianna xxx
I hope tooo . Thank you , Gail !!!
Take care
Thanks!!!! And thanks Michael for doing one of the things we wanted!!!!!! =)
semplicemente grazie.ciao cry
Thank you very much for keeping us all informed. Michael seems to be enjoying himself!

Michael Bolton Performs at Caesars Palace Garden Of The Gods

Wow! Nice pics!!

Fantastic pictures !!!
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Hey gang, There is a new Admin Album in the Gallery section from the OWOL Release party in Los Angeles! Some good photos of Michael and others involved I am assuming with the making of the album! Check them out!!
Robin :)
It isn't listed in the picture album but they were taken at the US release party in March. Gail


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