If you check the main site and click under Gallery and then On The Road...some pictures of Michael in China have been added.  Hopefully more to follow!! Gail

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Thanks Gail!
Robin :)
Thanks a lot, Gail !!!
Take care
Thanks Gail!

Your the best!!!
Love Eileen xoxo
Bottom line, Michael Bolton is a wonderful musician, he still sings and performs amazingly, the concert was wonderful. That being said, we had meet and greet tickets, there was about 45 -50 of these tickets sold and we did pay extra for them. After the concert we were taken upstairs for the meet and greet, there was about 35 of us, where we were informed that there would be no personal pictures taken, no autographs, not to ask him any questions, and he would only do pictures in groups of four, so if you only had two tickets you were going to get your picture taken, by thier photographer, with Micheal and two other people you didn't even know, then in a couple of days you could go to a website and download your picture. Now I find out that you have to pay for the picture itself from thier website. What a dissappointment! Wasn't aware that Micheal Bolton had gotten so big that he doesn't have time for his fans any more. Or maybe he forgot we're in a recession and people are taking what little money they have left at the end of the month to see him, and he doesn't have time (He's PR person said " there's about 40 of you here if he spent two minutes with each of you that would be over and hour) to sign 40 autographs. Really he doesn't have two minutes (which I've never seen an autograph take two minutes) for the people that just fatten his wallet. Maybe he's forgotten the fans that put him on the pedstal to begin with. My 63 year old mother-in-law, lives, sleeps, eats and breaths Michael bolton, bought one of his tshirts and the concert for him to sign at the meet and greet, well that didn't happen. Yes, she still got to shake his hand and get a picture with him (that we have to pay for) gee thanks Michael!

Ticketmaster should make it known somewhere in the ticket sales whether or not the artist from there "Meet and greet" tickets sales is actually going to MEET AND GREET, sign autographs or interact with the fans. Cause this was sickening and heartbreaking for my mother-in-law and a few other people in the meet and greet line.
Hya Jean, I understand and totally understand that you are upset.

I sympathise totally with you on this and have explained and answered you as best as I can in the other thread.

We'd all love to see your photographs if you want to share them with us.

Love Jennifer XX
Jean, Don't blame Michael. He was really nice and spoke as much as he could. I agree that the meet and greet was very misleading, but that is due to bad management. No one at the Wildhorse knew what was going on at anytime. I called a few days before to check out the details of the meet and greet and they said to call back the day of the show because it was up to the promoters. The day of the show and even when we first arrived, they still did not know what was going to be done. I have never been to a venue that was less organized that this one. I agree that when you pay extra for seats and meet and greet, you should be told what to expect up front. Michael still gave a great show, but I will not ever go back to this venue due to a lot of things, including rudeness. By the way, you don't have to pay for the photo. Go to the web site and right click on your photo and save it to your computer. Hope this helps. Keep on supporting Michael cause he is there to perform for us!
Thanks for sharing your view too Beverly. I'm glad the photos don't cost anything, Another BB wrote me too you don't have to pay anything. It's a shame when the organizing people don't do a good job and then it reflects on Michael and it's not in his direct control and he gets blamed. I agree things should be worked out better before hand in these situations. Each venue is different too and the people that are involved.
Glad you enjoyed your meeting with Michael. Hope your photo turned out well.

Thanks for posting!
Robin :)
Hi I would like to add this photo of a 2002 concert I took of MB, i'm not sure if I'm doing this right so hopefully it will come out. Sylvia from Texas
Sylvia That's a great photo thanks for sharing
All the best
Oh, thats great. You managed to upload the photo in the end.

It is a wonderful photograph and I love his curly hair!!! Phwooooaaaar!!!!

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Love Jennifer XXX
Goodmorning Jennifer,
A BIG THANKS TO YOU, after playing with my computer I was able to upload the photo, then I went to several of the sites here and found your notes about micro-paint etc, followed that I was able to work with another pic I had of his band member Chris, but didn't upload that one, I'm going to keep the notes you recently sent so I could try to upload the new pic I will try to get at Monday's concert. Just so excited:-) I'm going to call our local radio station Mon. and see what I need to do about winning the " meet and greet" pass they will be giving away. I'll do anything. This is a small town area so I'm really hoping I have a chance. Wish me luck and thanks again and thanks to everyone who's been so nice to me here. Sylvia from Texas.
Good luck on that pass, Sylvia! Let us know how it goes and we definitely want to hear from you afterward!! Have a blast! Gail


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