Hi everyone a few of us were having a little chat about the good old days and I have some files that I can share with you BUT I KNOW ALOT OF YOU HAVE ALOT MORE so if you can help bring back some great memories to share with us why not and try and bring this forum back alive

Love Dianna xxx



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Would be a nice idea!

Oh. she was very diligent wasn't she?

Thanks to her!


Hi Christin

Many years ago which you can tell of cause by the dates, Michael had a fan club which some of us joined. I live in Australia but though the interent I became a member and on the member's forum there would be this bulletin once a month I use to save them on the computer and as you can see I also printed alot of them LOL!!! I use to love reading these as a true blue fan of Michael's I had never seen him in concert until a couple of years ago now and I will see him again soon :) but each month I use to enjoy reading what others had experienced, they were just wonderful I was like a little kid each month waiting to get my hands on them print them out and after I had been to work, cooked the dinner, housework etc etc I use to read them with a cuppa in bed when everyone else had turned in as well :)

But if it was quite at work I would just read them on the computer.

I don't think Carol and Gail really knew how much joy they bought to member's outside the states that hadn't had the fortune of seeing Michael live.

Christin I have been a fan of Michael for over 20 years and I tell you if ever you get the chance to see him in concert do! He has so much talent it just bounces out onto the crowd he is the most gifted artist truly.

I am glad you are enjoying them there's not too many of them left I have a few but not too many but I am glad you all are enjoying them and it made me pull them all out and sort them :)

Best wishes

Dianna xxx

I will add here Christin that as progress moves us all into the future, as the computer has, we now have Michael's official site right here where fans from all over the WORLD post their concert reviews on the concert  tour thread started by Robin in Maryland. Now our more computer competent fans will add the link here as I would try to do and certainly fail!!! lol I know eventually someone will add the link here and if not soon enough just search for the Concert Tour Thread for 2012 on Michael Bolton discussion page :) Welcome and enjoy!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

November 2001




Nov 2001 cont...



Nov cont ...



last of Nov 2001



Sadly I cannot find December's 2001....

Gail it is a long time ago do you know if perhaps some months we didn't get them because Michael might have been having a break I just cannot remember?

Carol if your reading this, you would know also :)

Anyway for now I will continue

Love Dianna xxx

Hi Diana,


They were done everymonth! lol, sometimes they were only a couple of pages, other times 20 pages! lol, l remember doing a tour special which covered every date with photos and fans memories of the night. I don't remember missing any months....but it was a long time ago! lol


Best wishes

Carol (London)


Yes Carol I remember the Tour Edition, we all sent in a ton of stuff. Fun to have them.. Thanks again for all the work that it took to put those together...fun times, great memories!!!!!


Robin in MD:)


Thanks Carol I have the tour special that is December 2002 so I am coming up to that.

I'm sure I would have the ones that are missing but honestly I can't find them.

I thought we got them every month but just wasn't sure and couldn't remember so very long ago really.

Love Dianna xxx



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