Wow, Michael thankyou for coming to Perth and thank you for the musical journey that you took us all on last night, it was amazing and I can't wait for you to come back.

My night started when I saw you in the foyer, yes I was the woman sitting on the chair reading a book.  I looked up and thought I know that guy and then realised it was you. I have to tell you that it was funny watching the other females go all girly while I still sat there reading lol.

Thank you once again, words are just not enough.


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Welcome Wanda-Thanks for your great review. How neat you saw him while reading a book!!!
THanks for sharing your great time!
Thanks for the welcome, Robin and I'm glad I could share.
Wow what a concert. I was the lady in the second row with the programme from 16 years ago who held it up in the air. Thankyou for returning to Perth and thankyou for such a fab concert so many highlights. Nessum Dorma wow a well deserved standing ovation. Such a well centred balanced happy artist and so so talented writer, player and singer. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Hi Zoe thanks for the review
welcome to the forum
I remember you and Michael made a comment about his hair in the photo. It truly amused him.
Hi Zoe, Thanks for sharing your fun night! Welcome to the forum!!!!
were people taking photos :)
although we weren't supposed to, there were quite a few flashes from cameras from time to time. I was watching one guy taking video footage on his mobile. But the reality is that the photos won't capture the amazing experience that we all felt.
Not photos wouldnt capture it, but still nice to have, i contacted the state theater in sydney and they didnt know :)
juliet yep definately taking my camera there is nothing on the ticket saying no photos, and even when there is everyone still seems to just pull them out and start taking pics, i'll have my phone as a backup, but the pics from that wouldnt be close to my camera its a cheap but good point and shoot bought pretty much just for concerts as had 3 major concerts that totalled over 60 years worth of waiting and they all came over in a 3 month period :)
I didn't have anything written on the tickets in regards to photos, but as i was being shown to my seat I was advised no photos. And everytime someone flashed a photo they would have one of the ushers approaching them warning them that they would be removed if they did it again.
maybe it's a policy within Perth Concert Hall.
Geez in a day when people have camera phones that amazes me, i dont intend to use flash, so hopefully that wont be any issue with me, i get that flash photos can be a pest.
one thing i liked about the camera i bought is the flash cant fire unless you manually lift it, i used always forget to turn it off if i had turned off my camera for a bit, almost got kicked off Elvis's plane Lisa marie as accidently took a photo and the flash fired :|


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