Please check out Michael's facebook site...76 photos from his camera have been posted for everyone to see and help him figure out what some of it is!!LOL  You don't have to be a member of facebook to check this out...hopefully this link will take you there:!/photo.php?fbid=10150139157798154&...

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HI just saw the photos on FaceBook, he just posted three more, love the one (middle) where he's wearing the baseball hat :-)

Thanks!!! Wow, this is great!!!!

Nice photos, how wonderful that he shares something so personal as his photos from his own camera with his fans.

Just another reason we all love him so much!!



I also saw the three recent pictures of Michael "In the Studio".  Great pictures!  :)


I was the middle picture where Michael is wearing a hat...there looks to be a pack of cigarettes in front of him (well it looks like cigarettes).  Does Michael smoke?  If he does, that can also explain why he gets sick at times with laragitis.  Hope he doesn't smoke!!



Hi Helena,


Michael doesn't smoke cigerettes I remember reading once where he said "The only thing I put in my body that is made is coffee" or something close to that.

I think many many years ago he use to enjoy a cigar.I could be wrong but I think I remember reading that also.


Thanks for the link Gail some nice pictures there!


Love Dianna xxx


Does he really ?

There you go you learn something new everyday LOL"

Love Dianna

True...I learned something too!  :)



the photos that he took are phenominal!! Love, Shannon xoxo

Yes, sadly, (I hate smoking, does it show? Ha Ha!!) Michael does indeed enjoy a cigar on the odd ocassion. Usually the big fat cuban style ones.


This photo was posted on here last year of Michael smoking a big fat cuban style cigar. I believe the other guys is Andrei Claude.

EXCLUSIVE!: Michael Bolton Drinks & Smokes the Night Away



Somehow, I dont think its suits him does  it? Or is that just me,


Love Jenifer XX

No it's not just you Jennifer.  I don't care for the idea of Michael smoking or anyone else that I like or care about.  My dad used to smoke cigarettes for many years and I hated it!  Hopefully Michael only smokes on a rare occasion if he has to.




I know I know it's no good for us, but I love the smell of a good cigar

I don't smoke now but I use to nearly 5 years ago now.

And I use to have a few Cigar's as well when I was alot younger!

Thanks Jennifer I honestly must have missed this picture I have never seen it before!

Love Dianna xxx

Yes, very sad Juliet, very, very, very sad!! Ha Ha Ha!!


Only kidding. I love the smell of an unlit cigar but once they are lit, eurgh!!


Love Jennifer XX


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