Hi Everybody,


Finally! It took 4 hours to load these photos on photobucket! lol over 100MB.


Enjoy them, copy and paste them, BUT DON'T SAY YOU TOOK THEM! (Don't mean to offend anyone but this has happened to me before!)


Some of the photos are different to those pasted on facebook, as l could do these in one go, mainly pics of the girls!


Nearly forgot the link!




Best wishes

Carol (London)

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Once you have looked at these photos, press the back to carollondon on the left hand side! nice pic of Michael in shorts!!! lol (forgot l had that one there!!)
Hi Carol, You got some cute concert pics. I love the jump shot for Steel Bars!!LOL I have one like that from back here years ago at a show...Thanks so much for sharing!!!! :)
Thanks for the pics Carol ..loved them and the venue is amazing . Notice the hair is a bit longer then when he was here in Halifax N.S...
Juliet, u won't believe this but it was there!! l loaded all the pics and just went thru to check them... and there it was! so l deleted it from photobucket!!! you nearly shared it with the world!
Great pictures Carol, love the jump shot, usually I try to get one but haven't got one that clear!!
Hi Carol,
Thanks so much I can see why it would take 4 hours to do that it's alot of work
and I trully thank you for sharing with us all your great pics
Loving the ones of all of you together sure would be fun!

Now I just want to say there have been some really really great ones taken over the tour and yes I do have copies of some of them but I would never sell them as my own or say I took them the most I will do with any of the pictures is make a new banner to use here on the forum.
Honestly when I save them I have no idea which picture is which and who took them but I enjoy them that is true
So if I use any of your picture's people take it as a compliment because that is what I mean by using it.

Thanks again EVERYBODY for sharing your photos with us here.

Love Dianna xxx
Hi Dianna, I never mind anyone using my photos, or sharing them on the forum. It was just disappointing last yr when someone took most of my photos from the Albert Hall and passed them off as theirs! Glad you liked the photos. I also have copies of other peoples photos.... especially Jan! as she takes such wonderful photos, and everyone use to share there photos with me when l published the Bolton On-Line Updates, but l always gave credit to who took them.

Best wishes
Carol (London) xx
You got some great ones Carol and I'd not every say they were mine either. Yes I remember sending you pics for the Online Updates, that was fun...You did a great job with those.. All of us enjoyed them for many years. I still have binders with the updates in them.

Robin :)
Carol and Robin you have me thinking about the on-line updates who took this photo I have loved it forever I had it blown up to A3 size and had it displayed on my wall for years but sadly the ink from my printer wasn't that good and it hasn't stood the test of time.
I still have it on my computer so I still enjoy it here it is
I think it was one of Jan's
Love Dianna xxx

Yep sure are
Love Dianna xxx
What a fabulous picture- very nice indeed! xxx
It's lovely that we can all share our experiences with everyone and your right some of you have taken some fanastic shots
Next time I'm going to take a better camera with me!
I enjoy looking at them so much there are 2 of yours I really really love I am sure I will put them to good use on a abanner
I would never take credit for anybodies photos and that is true but there are always people out there willing to make a few bucks off someone else's work that is also very true.
I loved the Bolton On-Line Updates I wish I had them all from the start but I don't I do have a few though.
Thanks again for sharing Carol
Love Dianna xxx


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