The entire "Bolton Family" send you above sentiment and some have added their own personal messages to this card so please, sit back, relax and read on...............



Have to inform that this thread will only remain open until Wednesday, at the latest, and then Gail will send to Michael so if you know anyone, who you believe would like to send a message, please inform them about this thread.   Thanks !! :)

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend   27

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Hello Michael,

I am a little bit confused, as I thought you had been ill. And now I read, you are still ill or ill again ?

Is it a flu? I guess, it is typical for this season of year, 1 day is sunny, 1 day rainy. There is a very nice weather in Europe (today about 60°F in Munich), but there might come snow at the weekend again.

I guess, you are permanently on the road, have no time to relax. This is why you are ill. So take some days off now, stay in bed, sleep, drink a tea, think about your fans, who do not look like the stars on the red Oscar carpet yesterday evening, but they have a big heart and I am sure, you would feel much better talking and laughing with them than with others, who you have to meet without knowing them at all and who actually do not know you and your music. How often I have already been thinking about the moment, you would dedicate one afternoon to me and give me a chance to walk with you somewhere in the Alps near Munich, talk about funny and serious topics too. I would love to treat you to an Italian ice cream parlor for a big ice cream bowl, you could sit in the sun and observe people. And imagine, they would not believe, that the man who looks like MB is the real MB !!! It would be fun!

One is surprised sometimes, how "normal" the international stars are in their private lifes. Are you ? :-))

Maybe, it would be a good suggestion to write a song about it just now, when you lie in bed: about a super star and a normal girl:

Do not believe I am something special
do not believe I am seeking for special women
As I appreciate every single moment with you
I am just a normal man

A man, who has the same sorrows like you,
a man, who would like to wake up next to you.

I went to see the Circus Krone Arena in Munich last weekend, where you are going to give your concert in 2 months. Even though I have never been inside yet, it might be a nice place. I hope, you will feel better soon as I am looking forward to meeting you there !!

Get well soon !!

Ivana (from Munich, Germany)

Dear MB

I can understand that at this moment you are not feeling your best but believe me with a little time, good care & rest it won’t be long until you will be back to your loving , wacky self again. We just want to say take good care of yourself because you are very special to us and are always such an inspiration to so many that is why your health means so much to us your friends and fans. We your friends and fans are all longing to see your lively, smiling face again soon. Be the sky above you blue, road below you soft, let us your fans be the breeze that surrounds you. Just close your eyes & feel the bluish white rays of healing coming from us your friends, fans and your family & pretend that u r becoming better & better with every moment and imagine all our wishes were flowers, we would be sending you a big bunch of yellow roses to say....

Get Well Soon xxx


Michael- I am sorry to hear you are sick again..  Please take the time to rest and fully recover from the flu. Your fans understand and we want you better most of all. We can have concerts once you are better again and feeling 100%!!!!

I enjoyed the two concerts last week more than you will ever know.. Here is a fun photo from the Warren, PA show with you and Kelly on stage.  I hope this makes you smile as it did me when I took it!!! :)..

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Take good care Michael.

Xo Robin in MD :)

Michael - You are surrounded by caring thoughts and heartfelt wishes. Rest easy and get well!!!

Kathy S (PA)

Dear Michael, I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill. I know you were ailing the week of the 10th & that you missed a couple shows in Canada. I want to with you well. Take care of yourself, babe. Love Robin Rehder from L. A. CA who loves you. "Boltonnut." :)))))) I know I don't write very well but hope this expresses my get well wishes to you. :)))) xoxox

Oh my dearest Michael,

Please get to feeling better soon!  Take a little time off and don't push yourself.  You need rest.  Nobody can take care of you better than yourself.  Praying for you to recover quickly!  Love you to the moon and back :)

Joy Baxter

Michael get well soon. Take all the time you need to rest & make yourself well. We all love you and are all very concerned. Take your time. Drink honey & lemon tea and get plenty of rest. You are in my heart & prayers. Get yourself well. God bless.
Love always, Shannon Chambers


dear, again ill! noo!

get well soon, I'll think of you! drink tea, honey ..... and take a rest!


ciao baci Silvy from Switzerland!



Dear Michael.

I hope you feel better today. Think First to yourself. This is the most important.

Thoughts and much tenderness from France. 

Hope Your Feeling Better Soon but ,please take the time you need to rest
With love,

Michael, Please get well soon!  Take the time to rest and feel 100 % again.  We all understand and look forward to your concerts once you are back on your feet again!!


Dear Michael

 I'm so sorry to hear you not feeling  very well again. I hope that you take some time out to get fully  (Back on your feet again)!! .

You have so much love for your work and your fans that you work when  maybe you're not fully recovered but I'm sure all your friends and fans just like me love you and just want you to get well - (So I'm sure they won't mind if you take some time off. )

Sending you the biggest hug and lots of get well wishes to make you feel better ( has it worked yet? - No , oh well I'm sure  it soon will).

You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Get well sooooon!!! Take care and May God bless you.

Lots of  Love Always. from Maria xxxx


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