Here is a video of an interview Michael did today.

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THANKS Gail and Matthieu!!! So it begins!!!!:)

Wow, thanks Matthew! Nothing to write home about as a review... Thanks again, take care. Sylvie from Canada
Thanks for that Gail
I must say I missed that interview
Looking good Michael
Love Dianna xxx
This is a cute can comment at the bottom too if you want.
Here is another one...boy this mom's really like Michael Bolton!!!LOL

thought i would let you know that the ellen degeneres show can be found on our sky on the diva channel 269 but not sure when this will be aired as i dont know if we are behind on the us.we have this show every day at 3pm apart from sat/sun so keep checking your channel people lol

Oh bottoms!! I dont have sky anymore, only freeview!!!

I will have to wait and see if a lovely kind person posts a clip of youtbe.

Love Jennifer XXXX
This appears to be Universal Motown's official release:

Why would they reference Can You Feel Me when that's one they dropped in favor of that track whose name I can't remember? ;-)

very interesting (and mostly positive !!!) review in the NY Times :
It was a pretty good review, hopefully it will get some people interested in giving the new cd a try. Thanks for posting it, I would have not come across it on my own!!
Thanks Matthieu!!!!!!

Thanks Matthieu! I never have a problem with a reviewer who writes a thoughtful piece and sounds like he actually LISTENED to the CD. We all have our favorites and I thought the ones he picked out for praise and the reasons he gave for doing so were indeed interesting...even where I disagree.


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