Here is a video of an interview Michael did today.

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Thanks Matthieu for the link
Love Dianna xxx
Hi Eva good to see you here
Thanks for the link nice interview
Love Dianna xxx
Hi Dianna, miss your great banners!!!!!!!
Only 15 days you will see Michael live in concert for the first time, right???
I wish you a WONDERFULL time!!!

Take care

A review and video!

Yes that right Eva 15 more sleeps
Thanks for the wishes
I miss the banners too.
Thanks for the link
Love Dianna xxx
Thank you for the link, very nice review!
There is a great interview video listed on the main page of the main website. Chekc it out. Gail
Thanks Gail!
It is a great interview!
Love Dianna xxx

Jimmy Kimmel's appearence (sorry if has been posted before in other thread)

Murder my heart

And this one that have made my day today!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!
Thank you Pilar..I forgot to set my DVR..That second video is a trip!!! I almost fell off the chair laughing...
Hi, Stupid question, where do you click on Youtube to download this video? I know to do right-click, save target as for videos but how do you do it off Youtube? I always wondered??? Thanks!!
Hey Robin ,If you want to download it to a site you click on share and copy the link it will let you send to an email also if you prefer.xx


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