Here is a video of an interview Michael did today.

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Hi Robin, I don't know if Jennifer uses Orbit too, but I remember on the previous forum that she'd mentionned a few times downloading her favorite videos to her ipod. You might want to ask her. Hope it helps. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
That was a fabulous show with Jimmy Kimmel. The skit he did was hilarious, I also sent it to a few friends to show off his sense of humor. Only Michael Bolton could make Row, Row, Row your boat and Itsy Bitsy Spider sound that good!! Also a great performance of Murder my Heart!! So glad I recorded it : )
Missed the JK show last night, so I'm really glad to see the clips here! Thanks!

I was sitting in the doctor's office today and guess what I heard!!.....Murder My Heart! You know how all of us have that 'second sense' when a MB song is playing after just a couple of! I don't know if they had a radio station on or what....but it was really nice to hear an MB song playing in the background!!...especially a NEW one!!

That's cool Anna! Yeah, the radar goes up doesn't it!!LOL
If you are wanting to check out the Jimmy Kimmel performances, the videos are on the main website ...both the School of Michael Bolton and the song. Gail
Check out Mickey Sherman's radio program from May 6th. He is talking and playing Michael's new CD and talking with his daughter (who is friends with Michael's kids) about Michael. and click on May 6th program. Gail
It is about 20 minutes into the program. Gail
Thanks Gail. That's so cool that Mickey and his children are promoting MB on the radio like this. Mickey really knows Michael and has a true perspective on MB and his music!


Thanks Janniche I hadn't seen it
Love Dianna xxx
Hey Janniche, thank you so much for posting the old videos! It said on the page that the "Golden Globe" one wasn't available but I did hear the other 2. Thanks again! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Gail, would it be possible to post the Chicago Tribune article here? For some reason I don't have access. It would be much appreciated, thanks! Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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